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A Quick Guide: Bullet Marker


I think there is no better option between purple cards. But I would let Raja out. It isn’t that useful.
You could go for 2 Bite-1GG or 3Bite. Your need for pain barrier will decide!


It’s a very complicated question.
For bosses: Freeze* - Silver* - Smash - Espiritual Shock - Tase - Outrage. Don’t need to use attack skills on bosses. When those are on CD, just attack with AA and them repeat.

For big groups of monsters, you will use JP+HK+ any skill you like
However, Napalm and ES take the most of this combo.
I recommend using R.I.P., Dust Devil and Bloody Overdrive when JP and HK are on CD.
This will give you more shots with the JP+HK+ES/Napalm combo.

*you don’t need to use freeze on bosses that won’t freeze
*you don’t need use silver on bosses that aren’t demon,dark or don’t have ghost armor


Hello, may I know point distribution of build in this video? I happen to have the same build.


Here, take a look!


Thank you! Thanks for the guide too. It really help me to see the general class since I really blind with BM, somehow off-meta (lol) and don’t have time to check more :blush:

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Did you guys tested any monster gem to see if it is worth ?


I’m using a Bully gem. + 10% evasion. I think it’s worth. But only for Outlaws

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I was think about the double Atack gem it is worh ?


Hmm… It’s 5% additional damage. It won’t harm, right? Just do it!


How’s evasion now? can you feel it? or still meh? specially on pvp tyi


You can feel it on PVE, but you lose evasion when more than 5 monster are near you (-10% per monster. Max -50%.)
Don’t know about PVP :confused:


I tried the evasion buff (500% increase evasion) on rogue and ask a friend exo rubic me. I dodged three time out of first five hit counts and still died in 3 seconds, if that gives you any idea.

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Nothing about gems? Red, yellow, green?..


Take a look at the equipment board!


Guide is now updated!


Thanks for the hard work!

Knowing that FMJ is taken over by Mozambique, where would you allocate points into a burst build?

Right now I have:

Probably max out DGU and Outrage? Napalm can be cut down for more into silver bullet as well I guess? Or would RIP be worth throwing some points into?

Burst build btw.


Hmm, are you a linker? It would be good to know the full build so I can work better on the skill distribution!


BM Assassin Shinobi atm. Probably not Napalm then, since I dont have JP HK for it to be effective I assume?


Yup! Take those Napalm/FMJ points and max DGS and Outrage. You’ll have 5 spare points. 1 for R.I.P. and 4 for Silver Bullet!
That’s the way I would do it, but you can play around with those 5 spare points.


Gotcha. Assuming I swap Shinobi into a Linker, I’d put those spare points into Napalm for easier farming I guess? Or I could go with the same build as well for more general DPS.

Also, if it’s not too much trouble, would you advice on general gearing progressions? For BM specifically. Because most guides say get 380 primus +11 stuff, and then it kinda just ends and goes into explanation on other stuff like raids etc.