A Quick Guide: Bullet Marker


Hmm I’ll add it to the FAQ. I play with my xbox controller so I would never know about this!


Is this still relevant now in re:build?


Yup! Actually, this guide was made for Re:Buidl!


Thanks! High-quality work btw.

Still can’t decide what to take. What are the differences between these builds?


I’m a returning player and I’m currently leaning towards BM-link-ench so I can still buff partymates. But if I want the highest possible DPS for both mob-clearing and fighting against bosses, what build should I go for? And btw, why wasn’t corsair in your suggested classes?



Corsair does not define your build. You can use Corsair in any build you try with BM, so it doesn’t have what is needed to enter the " define build " classes category I’ve mentioned on the builds board. It is part of the filler 'classes

These two will give you the better boss DPS among those you mentioned. Both can buff your partymates. Corsair is better suited for Phys Atk groups.

This one is better for farming/support/cm. You can use it for bosses too, but Linker, Corsair and Enchanter have better dps.

It has less AoE than Linker counterparts but can provide more party buffs while maintaning high boss dps

Are your best options. I think Bm-Link-Corsair will give exactly what you need. The other 2, however, are very similar. You should choose the one that suits better your gameplay style


Thanks. I was told to take bm-link-ench first since it’s easier to grind with and just reroll to bm-link-cors later on. i’m still at bm-link so still not too late to change plans


If you plan to get a Wastrel sword to double your crit rate you’ll have to keep Ench in your build.
Atm I’m BM > Ench > Sair and it’s very, very good. Corsair adds few skills and Ench is made up of buff only, which is good considering how many you have from BM.


Forgot about wastrel -
It procs with electric shock too, but it won’t surpass lightning hands activation rate


Yeah, and when they’ll make the new Enchant Gloves attribute Enchanter will be even better


I don’t use wastrel. I have almost 1400 crit rate without it so I don’t think I really need it. But I can’t wait anymore for the new attributes for enchanter and the changes for outlaw. It is a patch from January 8 so it should get here soon.
I play BM-Enchanter-Outlaw


I used to play with Outlaw, but it’s too sad right now.
He has no dmg and lots of synergies just with SR :confused:


Since you play with BM-Enchanter-outlaw, i think you can help me. I used to be assassin-BM-enchanter, i really like the build, but i saw that the sinergy was not that good cuz i have to use DGS all the time (i’m used to it atm cuz i play with this build since scout tree was released :smile:) and i use pistol almost full time and the dagger it’s there, forgotten. Today i’ve tryed corsair, his buffs was awesome, but thats it :sad: i really didn’t like those dagger/sword/pistol (Hexen, impale and dust) skills and i kinda fell that my DPS droped a lot…

I do have a velcoffer dagger +11 trans 10 and pistol +11 trans 5 (no shards atm ç-ç) cuz my previous build (this makes me spend a lot of money and velcoffer fragment), but the dagger i really used hardly since assassin was some kind of feeler since i use mostly the pistol. A friend said that DGS will work with assassin skills (will not be canceled when use other skills) and will came other buffs but it’s gonna take a while until this feature came.

So i saw your build with outlaw… it really works fine? I’ve tryed outlaw at the beginning but imo it has a really low damage but i don’t have to worry if i’m using DGS or the dagger… i’ll not sell my dagger since 2 new classes were announced today. So do you have any video to show?


I’ve made a video for you, but I’m using outlaw-bm-corsair instead of outlaw-bm-enchanter. (Changed it yesterday!)
I’m playing Enchanter since re:build came out so I’ve decided to change a bit until the attributes update.
About what your friend said: I don’t know about that. Can’t find this information anywhere. But if it’s true, it will be awesome \o/

Here is the video:


Thx for the video, i’m watching right now and after reading your guide, i do think to use corsair instead enchanter till this atribute change came :smile: . The first think that i saw is that you have asio pistol ichor in your pistol… i didn’t get it since i’m quite unlucky and i’ve break 2 asio pistol trying to get it :cry:

Now i know that this build it’s quite good. Thanks again for the video \o/



This is my first time playing ToS and currently my main & first char is planned to be Scout -> BM -> Linker -> Corsair. I plan to go for the AA build.

According to the guide, this is how my BM should look like:


My question is why 1 point in Napalm, FMJ, RIP and Smash Bullet? When should I use these skills at level 1? Wouldn’t it be better to invest the points to up Tase of Silver Bullet?



Hey! Welcome to the game!
So, about it: On the skills board I’m not saying you to get all the skills I show there. I’m just showing how many points you should invest, for each build, if you decide to get one of those skills!

About tase: you shouldn’t invest more than one point in Tase. It scales badly. Silver Bullet is a good option for spare points, but you don’t really need more than 5 lvls. It’s just a more confortable option.

1- I’ll make it more clear about what skills you should get and what you must get!


Thanks for the welcome!

I put too much into Tase, but I’ll switch it out later on to correct it once i’ve gained enough skill resets. I’m still level 130, so right now I don’t even use most skills except AA.

I’m planning to go with this build based on your guide: https://tos.guru/itos/simulator?tinyurl=y3ns7j6r

I’m wondering so for normal mobs/leveling, I should just use BO and Outrage as often as possible, then for boss I use the other skills? So pretty much I’ll use Freeze Bullets, FMJ, RIP, Smash, Tase, Outrage then rinse repeat?

Or do I use specific skill in specific scenario?


If you are going for a AA Build, you will use Silver Bullet-Freeze-AA-Outrage-Smash/Tase for bosses.
You are going to use FMJ on very especific occasions. Try to use it with Cloaking.
R.I.P., Bloody Overdrive and Napalm Bullet are more used in Challenge Modes, Dungeons and Raids.

Your AA is your main single target damage source.

1- You are going for linker, right? So Napalm Bullet might be better than R.I.P… I would go for something like this: https://tos.guru/itos/simulator?tinyurl=y5p8383t
The three remaining points should go into Napalm or Freeze-


I have a question about cards, cuz I still can’t decide which are best to pick.

My build is BM>Enchanter>Corsair AA/Skill hybrid. My current cards are:

Red: 3x Velnia Monkey
Blue: 1X Zaura, 2x Armaos
Green: 3x Ellaganos
Purple: 1x Rajapearl, 2x Biteregina
Legend: (planned) Marnox

Now my question is, should I pick 3x Biteregina for purples? I had options like:
a) 1 Bite, 1 Raja, 1 GG
b) 1 Raja, 2 Bite
c) 3 Bite

Or are there better options for red/purple cards?


Thanks for the recommendation!

I know this topic is about BM, but I hope you can expand more to include skill rotations from Linker/others.

What should I use when Outrage is on CD? Should I be doing JP/HK/ES?
Then when do I use RIP and Napalm?
Mostly I’m confused on optimal skills usage when Outrage is on CD.

Playing with Linker a bit, it seems that I actually prefer Enchanter and Corsair (based on reading). I don’t know if I’ll stay Linker, but I’d like to do the best I can right now.