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A Quick Guide: Bullet Marker


its not because i have a bad connection its because im from South America specifically from chile .-. last country in SA, also im liking this build because im not the boss killer in my parties , linker and corsair does provide nice utility and bm is a strong all round class. i dont know if a vpn would help me to get a nice aspd , but i’ve seen even players from na have bad ping/aspd due to the bad implementation of the server host :/. is there any program/vpn that would help me to fix this?



Some time ago, when Silute was installed in North America I used Ping Zapper. It helped a lot.



the progam is paid D: and does it fix the aspd thing or the bad connection , my only problem with the game is the bad aspd i have :frowning:



i c well i dont know a way to fix distance lag sorry but nice pick on a bm, bm is actually really good since it can be dps and support at the same time if you are running like a semi dps / support you can always go bm ench link that help lots in party and well since you are not going full dps ping is not going to be a problem



By the time the server was in NA I played Quarrell shooter. I would only turn ping zapper on because of it. My atk speed/server response was almost double the original when ping zapper was on (and by that time ASPD wasn’t really a thing as only some skills had the ability to buff it). So yeah, it helps with ASPD.

But you should ask the staff about VPN programs. I don’t know if there are any problems using it nowadays.



well in the net page it does say it supports game like wow/gw2 and tree of savior so maybe there are no problems using this type of programs :/? also can i use the free version unlimited or do i have to pay to use it? and is the paid version much better than the free?



Actually the paid version is exactly the same, but without limitations. If I’m not mistaken there is a data limit for the free version. I’m afraid you’ll have to pay it :confused: At least I had to pay back there.



what about lithorex card, did u gonna put it on ur guide? I saw some people with and liking it



Hmm sorry, I’ve forgot this one. I’ll add it to the card session as soon as I get my pc back.
Thanks for the reply.



Wena weon hajsjsksjjs, tambien soy de chile y juego en SA y mi ping promedio es de 60.

In english:
Hello dude lol, I am also from Chile and I play in SA and my average ping is 60.



jajaj pero yo juego en NA por eso el problema del ping que tengo :frowning:



please use comma and dot more frequently between your sentence is very not easy to digest made me lost to under standing what you want to say in the end it doesnt even matter i tried so hard and got so far far away galaxy… (light saber buzzing sound)

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sorry but english is not my main language if you can tell me where to put them i will do so, still i got some friend that speak english and they do tell me some mistakes but they do read my text no problem o.o how weird right?



just read them, and give comma to each separate sentence.

or you can press enter
every time you finish a sentence
like this

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thx for the tip
i will try to correct the post
but i will take time, there is a lot of work to do hahaha

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About the Double Attack question: I’ve got my PC back and decided to try it on kTest today and it still working there so I’ll take it as a feature, not a bug. Thanks for the tip. I’ve already updated the FAQ.
Before Re:Build came to iTos I’ve only tested it on kTos/Ktest. It wasn’t working there by the time and when it came to iTos I didn’t even tryed it again because I thought the results would be the same.



Very great guide!
A question on Silver Bullet: does it apply only on pistol exclusive skills or to any skills that can be used with a pistol?



It apply only on pistol exclusive skills and pistol AA. Don’t work with Dust Devil and alikes, for example. Works with Fire Blindly, Quick and Dead




Ty for the reply :slight_smile:
This is a bit sad, I rly hoped for it to work with every skill :confused:
Well, I’ll just put 1 point and call it a day: 18 sec is enough to use all BM before starting with other classes attacks

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Just want to add, you can use MD alot faster by using mouse mode.

move with mouse while spamming MD

S/N : sorry for ■■■■ quality :tired: