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[SUBMIT] Scout>Bullet Marker > Corsair > Linker


Hi, this is a guide for Scout > Bullet Marker> Corsair> Linker Build

Scout is a versitile class, that is specialized on both evasion and crit rate a few button smashing here and there and you’re good. let’s start!

Team name: Starkisch
Server: Klaipeda
Discord: Chann#7710

Class Screenshot_12

Pros Screenshot_13

High burst damage
High Crit rate
High evasion
Accuracy increase skill
Can work well with groups
Invincibility & Immobilized skills
Can Freeze minor bosses/People
DoT damage
Melts dark targets
Chain combos
Good AoE
Good Single target damage
Decent farmer


Harder to play
Two weapon investment (Expensive)
Requires to kite a lot
Lots of buttons to press
Sp consumption
Ping reliant (auto attack)

Skills Screenshot_18

Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22 Screenshot_23

Screenshot_31 Screenshot_32 Screenshot_33 Screenshot_34 Screenshot_36 Screenshot_37 Screenshot_38 Screenshot_39 Screenshot_40 Screenshot_41

Screenshot_24 Screenshot_26 Screenshot_27 Screenshot_28 Screenshot_29

Screenshot_43 Screenshot_44 Screenshot_45 Screenshot_46 Screenshot_47 Screenshot_48

Free Stats & Cards Screenshot_49

Free/Quest Stat point: Pure Strength

My Cards setup

Screenshot_51 - (3x) Deadborn Cards (+600 Physical crit Attack)
Screenshot_55 - (2x) Bitergina Cards (6% chance to Poison) (1x) Gazing Golem Card (10% chance of using lvl 1 PB)
Screenshot_53 - (3x) Zaura Cards (30% Physical Defense)
Screenshot_57 - (3x) Netherbovine Cards (+30 STR)
Screenshot_60 - (1x) Asiomage Card (+15 Critrate per *)

Farming Setup

Screenshot_51 - Anti “type”
Iltiswort Cards (Damage against Screenshot_56 % per *) Anti sausis room 9
Devilglove Cards (Damage against Screenshot_58 % per *) Anti spelltome/HG
Vubbe Fighter Cards (Damage against Screenshot_59 % per *) Anti Coast maps/Velcoffer
Chafer Cards (Damage against Screenshot_61 % per *) Anti barynwell and other insect maps

Screenshot_55 - (3x) Tutu Cards (+30% Carry Weight) or (3x) Mushcaria (+180 Sp recovery)

Screenshot_2 - (3x) Gorkas Cards (+150 Looting Chance)

Use Battlebird pet for Sp recovery or Golden pig for +777 loot chance

Gears & Gems Screenshot_74

Hair accesories 1,2,3

Screenshot_62 Screenshot_63 Screenshot_64

Focus on getting Physical attack + Physical critical attack

For Farming fields/HG you can use Movespeed + hats (since mobs are really squishy now)

Screenshot_65 Screenshot_66 Screenshot_67

Equipment Screenshot_75

Accesories - Nepagristas Set Screenshot_68

Alternative - Frieno/Varpas or Solmiki accesories set.

Armory - Velcoffer Leather Set(Kraujas effect)Screenshot_70 (1x) Green Gems each lvl 7-8 is fine
Alternative - Primus set with (Str/Dex/Con stats) or Ignas leather set.

Screenshot_1 Main hand - Primus Sword with (Str/Dex/Con stats)Screenshot_71 (3x) Red Gems lvl 7-8 is fine

Alternative: Wastrel sword eletric shock(strike damage) or Masinios Sword

Screenshot_1 Sub weapon - Velcoffer Pistol with (Asio Ichor) Screenshot_72 (3x) Red Gems lvl 7-8 is fine

Alternative: Masinios Pistol or Primus pistol with (Str/Dex/Con) Screenshot_73

Challenge Mode test

Remnants of Bernice Dungeon


[SUBMIT] A Quick Guide: Bullet Marker

i thought this was a nice guide, until i read the head accesories part, from there on it become show off thread. If reader already has all that equipment, they wont need guide anymore


The build was meant for geared people i already put that on top “cons” part(expensive), also i only screenshotted the excact gears i have.


comparing to other guide, their guide seems to be more… humble and realistic to follow, especially for the new non-whale non-hardcore player


That is fine, I’m not comparing my guide to other people’s guides. What i posted is the things i’ve tested and stuffs that i am using, we don’t always have to be “nice” to please others. :blush:


that is why the first impression that i got from your guide is show off thread, instantly lost my interest to read it thoroughly.
this build is unplayable without all that gear


Thanks for the guide.

Can I ask a few questions

Why did you not choose to o use the werewolf card?
My armor gems should it be all green or some yellow?
Why are you posion cards?



Armors should be all green gems
WW cards is also okay although its a switching card for pvp atleast for me with nematomas set effect
Bitergina gives me more dps vs. Property cards, although purple is always situational it depends on what you are doing, when im farming im using tutu. hope it helps :blush:


Thanks for the reply.

If you are using posion in your purple should i use the monkey in the red card slots, why didnt you use the monkey card.

If I am using the posion & monkey card should I use the neather bovine for green since strength increases posion damage?

Many thanks



No, bitergina is there for added dmg most likely a filler, i often use deadborn cards as red cards nowadays, i used to use glassmoles way back before re:build.

if i remember correctly it increases dmg based on patk raw which str also gives so yes, still i wouldn’t suggest going monkey cards, have a nice day.