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50% Transcendence discount event bug


The restoration process for ALL lost potential and equipment and full refund of Goddess’ Blessed Gems used in failed transcendences will take place during the Scheduled Maintenance on January 29, 2019 , and the players who have been directly affected by the issue will also be provided the following item as compensation during this time:

  • Premium Awakening Stone (14 days) x2

9th of February and I’m still waiting… :tired:


i’ve lost many items throught the years playing this glorifyed beta test, hopefully i just bought TP ONCE, after that i stopped due to the fact that the game doesnt ensure any P2W countermeasure so i just don’t give a ■■■■ anymore on losing a couple of stuff or even my account, i had my fun times here, so i’d be ok with that


I’ve never lost anything in 4k hours


IMC replied ticket said they are working on it… so we can do is wait. haiz


Nothing back for who lost item :slight_smile:


Yeah they take a dump on us.


I already send another ticket.

3k hours has been lost in this game.

IMC dont care about players.

but has a net Leticia`s ■■■■ cube


delete uninstall and go other game :slight_smile:

cuz imc abandoned player


Not only him, im leaving too…


They refunded the bg for next stage trans but not for the stage before u do the trans


that’s the spirit !!! :haha:

Let’s all board the quitbus !


Blessed gem is back, but the destroyed itens is missing


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Look like event is gone as well


Incompetent as always. Never surprising at this point. Bye bye customers again for them, they are killing their own revenue lol



Who losses itens in this bug, sorry, its forever.

Basically is this.