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50% Transcendence discount event bug


I lost 3 potential and 9 blessed gems. Received 1 potential and 2 awakening stones… Where is the other 2 potentials and the 9 Goddesses’ Blessed Gems?


I only received 2 stones… the destroyed velcoffer rapier +11 and goddess gems were not compensated. /sigh


guess we have to wait for another week. good one imc. hahaa

I quit. I’m done. bye.


My Primus Zvaigzde Rod +11 (broken from stage 9 to 10 due to the event) is also not compensated yet.


I lost 2 potential but I think only 1 potential was restored and there isn’t any blessed gems compensation?


They use 2 weeks but didnt fix anything. Haha… and event also gone with no latest announcement at 29 Jan.


Didn’t expect much, but still got nothing :smiley:
They only added 1 potential, still missing lot’s of Blessed Gem’s.


Where is my itens???/ My gems???



Plz say somenthing about the fail refund


Does the event dead? I mean, I can’t even see even numbers for 50% it’s just normal.

Date: February 2, 2019.

Please let me know if the event is dead. Because seriously, some people are hoping for trans. and it’s like killing time for waiting and most of all having a lot of issues.


You need to read the annoucement. Event is canceled due to the bug.
YA and some bugged player still didnt get the refund of gem and weapon.


They did announcement in new Boruta event issue but ignore this. Wtf…


@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy ??


say something about IMC


im not imc but i can say only: you all stupid noobs that never heard about timezone and server time


They’ve disabled and never fixed it


100% confirm


This company has destroyed this game,

cya saviors.

This bug discouraged me from playing

I has lost, gear, gems and potential.

And Imc make a fake refund.


1 BR leaving ToS? how tragic… :sad:



On this issue is me, in another maybe its you.

Be a troll in forum does not change the fact of IMC´s neglect.