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50% Transcendence discount event bug


Please fill in as much as you can :

Date and Time(Please, specify the timezone) : 11:11 AM server time

Server Name: Telsiai

Team Name: Zargs

Character Name: Ludo

Bug Description :
Success chance of transcendence is not 100% even if sufficient gems are entered.

Steps to reproduce the issue :

  1. Just transcend an item.

Screenshots / Video :


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  • CPU :
  • RAM :
  • Graphics Card :
  • Mainboard :
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50% transcendence discount weekend is bugged

Looks like UI/client had the discount event applied but either the event is not applied yet server side or the success rate is not synced with the discount.



Seems the latter bro. Timezone should affect the implementation time of the event only, not the actual feature of transcendence itself

IMC hello?


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Chat typing is priceless


But Transcend discount event is tomorrow. Today is enhancement day.

Sat 19-01-19 50% discount for all enhancements
Sun 19-01-20 50% discount for all even-numbered transcendence



do you know now is Sunday ady?


It’s Sun 19-01-20 already…


Same here. 100% Sucess rate but fail and drop potential. Feels bad.


Oh, sorry. It is still pretty mid 19 day for me. :blush:


Same problem, 100% success rate with it even saying 50% transcend off but fail. Wasted blessed gems and potential.

Like you couldn’t even increase to more than 1 blessed gem because it is already 100% success rate with the 50% transcend discount. But when you try to transcend it fails



380 primus musk Trans 3 > 4 normally needs 8 gems

the red button says -50%off and can put only 4 gems
it says 100% success rate but when you press that red button


RIP 4 blessed gems, 1 potential and 1trans level

Extra : -50% enchancement cost already gone

I’m playing in [SEA] Telsiai
the moment I transcended is around
Singapore Time (GMT+8) 04.00AM 20th Jan 2019

sorry for bad eng


Me too.

Server : [SEA] Telsiai

Team Name : Craftson

Character Name : Kael

Steam Account : hansderainer

Country : Malaysia

System Information :

Type of Bug : Class/Skill Related

When the error happened(Date, time, location) : 20/01/2019, 5:00AM (GMT+8), Fedimian Blacksmith

Steps to reproduce the issue :

Step 1: Trying to transcend Velcoffer Pistol Stage 5 to Stage 6.

Step 2: It shows 50% discount, I put 4 Blessed Gem as intended.

Step 3: Failed to transcend with maxed discount 4 blessed gems.

Step 4: Cost me 4 Bless Gems, 1 potential, and Stage 5 Trans drop to Stage 4 Trans.

Description : Transcend has failed eventho showing discount for full bless gems cost. I lost my potential 1+, 4 blessed gems and stage 5.


So thats why I failed at trans 4 TWICE. It was clear that I click max but still failed and so I tried it again and FAILED. AGAIN.


Same here. lost potential and dropped trans. will stop until fixed. already sent ticket.


REFUND MY Blessed Gem AND POTENTIAL! :((((((((((


You need to wait till 12am server time before it becomes Sunday. Right now the client-side code has its timing wrong, showing you the wrong thing that is different from the sever-side code.

Likewise the enhancing 50% off is still ongoing even though the UI (client-side code) doesn’t show 50% off anymore. Try enhancing something; you will see that the silver deducted from your inventory is halved of what is actually stated. This will end when server time hits 12am.

All said still, IMC is ultimately at fault.


Ktos had the same issue, and they prob dont have desynced server clock
Probably not a timezone issue


that was really stupid. I want my blessed gems back.

server name: Telsiai

team name: Herrah
character name: Madam


send a personal ticket