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50% Transcendence discount event bug



I guess some salty people still can’t differentiate the meaning of 100% success rate. Welp I guess maths can be hard for some. Can’t fixed all sorts of incompetence.


About people talking about “it’s not sunday server time yet”, the 50% off enhancement event ended 00:00h BRT, not server time. I was enhancing a weapon and when the clock got 00:00h BRT the 50% off got over and I got f* paying the “double” because I didn’t wanna wait till next month.

Because of it I realize that the trans event, by logic, got started and went to NPC to test if it really was. When I saw the 50% off there, I just pressed OK. Then I got f* twice: by the 50% off enhancement getting over BEFORE 00:00h server time, and the fake 50% off transcendence.

If you wanna know: I spent all the potential of the weapon I was enhancing, then I use 17 golden anvil and couldn’t reach +11. It got +10 seven times. 51% chance and 7 fail 0 success? Probably the weapons already have a enhancement limit or a premade sequence of success/fail. It’s not chance at all. Anyway, just got f* up twice and I’m going to play some overwatch right now, ToS is just giving me a bad taste. Too many chances, always too many bugs and broke systems.


Almost cried. Bye-bye.


i didn’t get restored item back and now i can lost item by trans ?




So those who got problem with this won’t get fixed today?
Are we gonna miss the event? Nice thanks IMC… incompetent support as always.

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You arent missing it coz a few more sundays will have the same event


Yea. Gonna quit tos for a month i guess. Because imc dev and support so incompentent.


dude, it’s ■■■■■■■ Sunday, ofc they won’t fix it today, it’s not even working hours yet. Not to mention that transcendence discount will be back in a week or two, losing only a day and getting mad about it is so uhhhh weird. Take a deep breath and be patient waiting for tomorrow.


For some reason, i can’t transcend my Velcoffer pistol.
Is this a bug or a feature?


Are you trying to transcend with Blacksmith Teliavelis?


Server : Klaipeda

Team Name : Tazel

Character Name : Trinity

Type of Bug : Item/event

When the error happened(Date, time, location) : 20/01/2019, 12:15 AM EST (WHICH IS ALSO 12:15 AM SERVER TIME), Fedimian blacksmith

Steps to reproduce the issue :

Step 1: Attempt to trans Velcoffer mace. Put in max gems needed for 100% chance (with discount showing)

Step 2: Transcendence fails. Mace loses 1 potential. Bye bye blessed gems.

Description : As stated above, I tried transcending my Velcoffer mace and failed despite putting in enough gems for 100% success chance. GG imc, great event, 10/10 :tired:


Server : [SA] Silute

Team Name : ShinigamiKira

Character Name : Pendragon

Steam Account : shinigamikira2

Country : Brasil

System Information :

Type of Bug : Event 50% trans OFF UI bug

When the error happened(Date, time, location) : Fedimian, 10:00~10:28 (server time) 01:00~01:28 (Brazil time), [Blacksmith]Teliavelis

Steps to reproduce the issue : try transcend velcofern armor with the 50% off

Description : I try transcend my velcofern leather armor of the trans 3 to the trans 4 with the 50% off, and the transcendence fail with 100% chance, I lost 1 potential of my armor,

I do not care for the stones of transcendence that I lost, I just want my potential back to 13


Do not throw words to other people so easily. Sometimes you can’t do anything. Lets just wait.


Now we are currently looking into resolving the issue.
We will send the compensation for all users who have lost their equipment potential or even had their equipment destroyed during this time.
We will make the announcement soon for more detail. :cold_sweat:


here’s our announcement regarding the issue with Gear Grind Weekends event.


restoration process for ALL lost potential and equipment

so, no refund for my Goddesses’ Blessed Gems? well… very nice… very nice.


Sorry about that! We forgot to add that part in the announcement. Just in case you’re not sure: Yes, Blessed Gems will be refunded for all players who have failed the transcendence.


Have to remember. Losing stage also cost previous stage gems cost. Example… my attempt on stage 5 to 6 failed to 4. Means its cost my 7 blessed gem of stage 4 to 5, and my attempt 4 blessed gem for stage 5 to 6. Thats total of 11 blesed gems. And how about people who already continue transcending while waiting imc to fix their equipment?

Evento I’ve failed my stage 5 to 6 before, I still transcend it after hours later. Now its stage 10. Do IMC revert my stage and lose all my bless gems?

Edit: its my velcoffer pistol. I even made Kraujas set out of it while waiting the ticket to be responsed.


Thanks for your work guys. Still sad about it anyway.