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50% Transcendence discount event bug


If you guys rollback your OS time date to 19/01 then you can see your discount event still working.


No offence guys, but it’s amazing how many dumb people play this game. Yeah, it’s IMC who screwed big time, but have it not even occurred to you to look at the time?

“Oh, sweet, trans event must be bugged and ONed earlier, let’s roll!”, - I bet lot’s of people thought that way.


First of all to people saying that we didn’t look at the time

  • Even if we intended to NOT USE THE EVENT, our item FAILED TRANSCEND AT 100% SUCCESS RATE. That means with or without the event, we WOULD HAVE FAILED ANYWAYS
  • The bug is that it shows 100% success rate without allowing us to put more gems than required because it was registered at 50% transcend, and the item fail to transcend event at 100% success rate.
  • I really don’t get why people say it’s the players fault. We clearly cannot even use more than the required gems. We fail at 100% SUCCESS RATE and it is the players fault???

Anyways I lost like 2 potential because of this and the blessed gems required for it. Would like a rollback of some sort.

Server: Telsial (SEA)
Team Name: Asterizm
Character Name: Kido

Steps to reproduce issue

  1. Trying to transcend Solmiki Robe from +3 to +4
  2. Shows 50% discount and 100% success rate
  3. Fail to transcend even at 100% success rate, could not put more than the suggested blessed gems even if I want to
  4. Blessed gems gone and potential drop

Because I was a returning player I thought I might have made some sort of mistake. I tried it again and the same thing happen causing me another potential. It is until I visited the forums that I realise it was a bug.


This is not true.

Why you don’t fail in odd numbers? Look at all fails and you will understand.

The real problem here is: at even-numbered you only can have HALF of current 100%. But for the server you still need double.


That is basically the problem isn’t it? We don’t fail at odd numbers we fail at even numbers even at 100% success rate, which is obviously due to the event bug.

It doesn’t matter what time it is, bottomline you fail to transcend at 100% success. Doesn’t matter what time it is. Even If we didn’t even know the event existed because not might know there is such an event and happen to chance upon it in game they still face a transcend fail at 100% success rate.

Sometimes I wonder if people lurk in the bug report section just to victim blame


I wonder why there is so many videos of actual failure in this thread? Is it a common thing to take a video while routinely doing trans? Or ppl deliberately did trans knowing it going to fail and took the video, hoping to juice out from IMC not only refund but some kind of compensation? )))




Making screenshots or videos (very easy and fast with ingame function) is extra save.
And looking into the past years… can be a very good idea.

I always make a video when doing any expensive/rare main char gear updates.


Someone with brains. Bravo to you!


“Great! It’s 12am in my local time zone. The game dg, raid reset base on svt but this event gotta be resetting base on my local time for sure. Let’s trans it without looking at svt”.


What exactly did they do to address this in kToS bro? I appreciate your positive reply!

Unlike some salty victim-blaming replies.


How can such thing happened on KToS if there is no different time zones - svt = korean time.


well i lost one potential and 5 gods sad :sob:… IMC fix this!!!


00H server time. Stil buged?


Trans working fine now. Well, obviously, cause its Sunday already.


are u really sure???


trans works now. Tried it cause obviously it’s 12:00 svt so it’s 20/1/2019 svt now. Lmao


Welp to those “victim”, nextime gotta use some common sense tho. Even dg, raid reset base on svt, of course event gonna be base on svt not your own local time zone.


Thanks for the unsolicited sarcastic advice! We will. Stay salty btw


I really hope IMC will refund all victims tho.