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50% Transcendence discount event bug


Guys something is wrong.

Main page:

I guess it’s not based on our region time but server.


Genious. ToS always operated on server time, not region time.
But IMC still messed up with that 50% discount button being a jebait.


Bait Confirmed:

For me is:



True bro… zzzzzzzzz


Similar thing happened to me, my trans5 dagger went down to trans4:

I checked with a different character, it is indeed a smith text bug.


Isn’t it supposed to be 12am server time 20/1/2019??


Blacksmith NPCs got the 50% discount on its transcendence button, thus, misleading the people bro…


Im not sure about the time thing, but in game it shows 50% trans and its max success rate so what do you expect player to do?
Even you wan put more gem also, you cant. So what do you mean its not a bug just player trans in wrong time?


It’s a client x server conflict.

Meanwhile for us is 20/01 the server still at 19/01 and don’t process the infos properly. Only the problem is the event being activated before the right time lol


I’m afraid to do trans 00h server time D:


LOL same. Trust lost… Even now that there are so many returning players, unreliable scenarios like these are red flag indications that can lose potential long-term players.


Same thing here, server Silute. I have lost 3 potencial and maybe 14 Blessed Gem.

I’ill send a Ticket and I hope they rollback my item’s potencial and my Gems, if not I wont touch this game for a really long time.


Same for me, I lost an velcoffer staff tran 7, with apparence. It was destroyed even with 100% rate.


Also lost my Velcoffer Rapier to the bug

Date and time: 3:03 pm

Server Name: Kleipedia

Team Name: Cazaril

Bug Description: Transend failed at 100% with 50% discount

Steps to produce the issue
1. Trancend an item with the 50% discount



Same thing happened on kTOS. Don’t worry, they’ll solve and revert it just like there.


It is player’s fault. All events reset on 00AM server time, not local time. In Telsiai, it is not even 00AM server time despite the local timezone already in the morning on 20th. 00AM has ALWAYS been the time for event reset, ANY event, and it’s confusing why you guys (esp Telsiai) thought it’s safe to transcend equips by your local timezone. Have you never checked the event reset time properly?

HOWEVER it is also imc’s fault because the UI updates the discount interface even though it’s not the time yet. I guess the interface updates based on local timezone.

Well, both sides are definitely at fault. I hope you guys got your equips and BGs back, but also don’t forget to keep monitoring event reset time later.


Well, if the UI didn’t updated players wouldn’t try do Transcend their items, and even if someone knows that it’s not the right time for the event and wants to Transcend they wont be able to do so because the UI is locked.

So, it’s like 90% IMC’s fault and 10% players fault.


Losing gems

Losing my boots

Refund fail (Event 50% discount transcend)

True. I tried to anvil first to ensure that the Saturday event is finished. Anvil UI didn’tshow 50% Enhancement discount anymore so I thought 50% transcendence is ON.


if you use common sense then it becomes 90% player fault, 10% imc fault.

The conclusion is that both sides are “bugged” and it’s not a contest of who’s the more guilty.