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3 easy ways to fix Chaplain

I was always fascinated by Chaplain being an auto attack class and the possibility of it being an option for end-game content, which it unfortunately never reached due to the very reserved buffs it always received over the years.

Here are my 3 easy ways to fix Chaplain and make it more versatile:

1. Make Last Rites, Aspergillum and Binatio 30 minute buffs
2. Bring back Magnus Exorcismus and make it an after effect of auto attacks
3. Give Chaplain a new skill with a max level of 1 that makes it attractive for other class builds

Last Rites, Aspergillum and Binatio are not strong enough to warrant such low durations therefore all 3 buffs should be changed into 30 minutes buffs. It wouldn’t make the class OP in any way and make it much more comfortable to use.

Chaplain needs to have an advantage by using auto attacks over all other classes other than different line damage buffs. There’s a certain area of attack auto attacks can reach before they becomes useless regardless how much AOE Attack Ratio you have, therefore my idea is to bring back Magnus Exorcismus in the form of an attribute or even ARTS that allows auto attacks to trigger it, so you can put out reliable DPS like other classes. I was thinking about a 10% activation chance upon every auto attack hit with a 1000% Skill factor per 0.5 seconds with a 5 second duration.

The additional Chaplain skill could reduces the DEF & MDEF of enemies hit by auto attacks by 1% for each hit until it caps at 30%.