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1st JTOS thread

But what if he’s japanese that isn’t in Japan atm? :^)

Nexon doesn’t care if you are jpnese or not. It will track the IP you use to detect “strangers” :smiley:

-Jumps into the bandwagon-

How do I type in japanese? Using japanese IME and it gives me gibberish codes. I can type outside of the game just fine. 頼む!!T T

I really would like to put my team name in katakana.

if you email them your ID card. they will release and turn a blind eye on it. (had a friend banned from suspicious IP before).

They are not unreasonable. Their support for certain games are as horrid lol.

Did you run it on Japanese locale ?

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Or change locale. I saw something like that already in a translations section.

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My apologies, I didn’t read it properly. Yeah online games exclusive in JP still crackdown on foreign ip and ban them.


Yeah, but I had only

w/o VPN so far and captcha to login after it. Maybe if you try it too often, you will get banned though.

hey does that mean that you need to be precaution entering your account info like if you forgot to open the VPN first before logging in
you get banned easily?

11/12 now 5 minutes more hype is real !

Dunno. I turned off VPN specially to make this screenshot. But better safe than sorry.

Also don’t forget to grab your voucher today before 23:59 server time.

@atari @unicorntheshiny
Ah thank you! I completely forgot that step!
It works now! :slight_smile:

You will need to update alot of ipf files at the first launching also hahahaha

might want to censor your character name for various reason :grinning:



will this jtos hype bring itos to average 3.5k



fixed hihi :sunglasses:

I await the drama that comes, once jToS players complain baka gaijins are invading(migrating to) their servers.

I await how japs will rofl on their forums that so many baka gaijins invaded their servers and now need to learn Japanese because iTOS management is that bad.

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I dont know Japanese and still use english in there. Hope can find a friend using english :smile:

last time ive check it was 2.9k - 3k around ( 6pm - 10pm ) at steam
and it recover to 4k ( 11pm - 5am onwards )

around august before i legitimately rage quit it was around 5.5k - 6k population

yeah currently downloading !