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Zhendu vs Monster Property Defense

Hello :grin:

Considering the patch that added property defense to monsters, is it worth investing points in zhendu?

Stacking it as much as you can is still worth it. But it depends on your build whether it has a lot of multi hits or not. Otherwise, you can’t even tell

Thanks for the answer!
I’m testing Falconer / Wugushi / Fletcher, which pleased me a lot. My doubt was between max Zendhu or Wide Miasma. If Zendhu is not much impaired by the property defense, it’s clearly superior. Now that I can play only on weekends, it’s been harder to test the mechanic, but this reset event is helping.

Let’s just say I have plenty of experience doing CM’s. To help you out a bit, let me tell you that the Zhendu mechanic you’re curious about only starts kicking in a tiny bit around CM stage 4 - 5. To be of significant consideration, you must be soloing cm6 & 7 to really worry about stacking on Zhendu. Until Cm5, stack phy damage, and just allocate skill points where you are happy with :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the tips! I will follow them wisely. :grin: