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Zealots in Rebuild - Spirit Nerf


Hey Guys,

My knowledge of the rebuild is very incomplete as is everyone’s, but this stat change from the korean notes caught my attention and I am very concerned:

Mental is I assume spirit, and it looks like max SP and SP regen are being removed from it. As you guys are fully aware, blind faith only works well off a very high SP pool. So… is blind faith a dead skill now? It was my favorite zealot skill and I really enjoyed the other benefits of running high spirit like large amounts of healing power and being able to forgo pardoner blessing in lieu of my own.

How do you think zealots are going to be compensated for this huge nerf to the rank 9 skill?


It was broken even without a very high SP pool.

Damage across the board was reduced for all classes, and I’m sure if blind faith is still really bad after the changes, I’m sure they’ll fix it.


I have similar doubts just with Onmyoji’s Shield.

Can I stack SP somehow? Onmyo skill doesn’t make too much sense if I can’t build on it… I could use it as somekind of emergency skill but that’s so situational if you think about it a bit, that it doesn’t rly make sense or worth the hassle tbh.

Idk… I’m not rly convinced it is a good idea that we don’t have a stat that gives SP atm.


Blind Faith was way to Strong.
Ignoring Deff/Mdeff and Zealot was designed to be a Physical dps Str/Dex not full Spr.

Play Exo if you want to be a support/dps hybrid!


Stop derailing the thread. Blind faith was as strong as they intended it to be. I’m asking what their plans are now that the stat changes are going to completely gut the skill.


There just won’t be any spr zealots, but str/dex zealots are fine and there should be a few matk/patk hybrid options available.

But in terms of blind faith / Spr:

  • Spr no longer gives sp like you said.
  • Zealot has 0 spr factor so it will lower your total spr if you do combine it with spr focused classes.
  • Blind Faith also got lowered to 20 hits and a 20-200% sp multiplier instead. (but dmg in general is now way lower.)
  • Certain synergies like ein sof and arcane energy scrolls don’t affect sp anymore either.
  • Sp drain from Fanatic Illusion is still very high, so you’d need a ton of sp potions just to use blind faith often enough.

I’d expect more changes tbh as the sp drain from fanatic illusion and blind faith seem far to high atm. But we’ll see.


i play zealot spr a lot and yeah, zealot spr build is dead. they kill it.
zealot has been nerf many times. the first time they release zealot in kr it is so damn powerful. fanatic hits faster and also blind faith has no limit.
later on they make fanatic slow and limit blind faith. and then now they limit it even more. even with no more sp multiplier like arcane energy, empowering, ein sof sp recover they still nerf it even more.
i mean if its powerful because ppl hate in pvp then just nerf it in pvp, why bother in pve. its not like theres no other classes can out dps zealot. jeez. many true dps class can out dps zealot.
and now they nerf it to dead. the only good thing left is…
sorry they should just remove it.
the problem maybe because cleric community is calm and less active against another class that actually strong too.we just dont care. and on the other side another classes community who dislike the idea of a balance class(attk and support) like cleric who can do dmg keep asking it to be nerf and there ya go.
i even doubt ppl who say blind faith was way to strong is playing spr zealot.
even with max 1,1k spr and all the sp ups buffies you can reach like 6m dmg per blind faith which other true dps classes can do too.even more.
just be active and ask for petition. but yeah im too lazy. i ll just leave.not worthed.


It makes sense why it was heavily nerfed, you could run a full support build and just slap zealot2 on it for ridiculous damage. It was especially broken in PVP where you could run with priest/druid, slap revive on and telepath someone into grass with blind faith up.

That or just land thorns and they would die from the blind faith ticks from that alone. It was beyond broken.

Blind faith is now for the holy impact attribute to boost crit damage out the window. It is still a very powerful skill.

Rule of thumb is this. If you can base an entire build around a single skill, expect that skill to get nerfed.


I’m actually not sure about that at all…what would be bad with a build that builds around a single skill if it is not stronger than the others? Not rly makes sense to me… X) If a skill is too strong it has to be nerfed but that’s it… we don’t have to go further with it.

But I was thinking about Blind Faith and it is rly rly hard to balance out well while keeping its identity tbh.


thats why as i said they can nerf it only in pvp only
not every zealot play pvp duh
they can nerf the damage, the tick, the speed but in just in pvp.
as i said its not like zealot is the strongest in pve, many can outdps them.and with the nerf its even more unplayable.
there are many skills that nerf only in pvp like guard stance disabled in pvp and so on
yet they choose to nerf it in both.
and its not a single skill build, rather than its the best skill it has. and guess what?it nerfed.
and now the build seems unplayable to me, with all the fact mentioned.and those compentsation? meh… what they nerf is harder than what they give.
its dead.just delete the class.
all clerics and all its supportive skills. arcane energy,sz, ausrine etc etc dead.
all their updates are all about offensive. they should just delete supportive class like clerics and sell pots with tp.


And what good reason is there for this restriction? Making fanatacism work for both magic and physical damage and blind faith scale with SPR allows for hybrid physical/magic builds or even allows magic builds to benefit from taking Zealot. It allowed for greater build diversity so idk why you are so close minded to Zealot variations that aren’t monk.


It’s not “greater build diversity” when most people end up choosing that one class because it’s just that good and can work with any other builds (You DEX ? Zealot works for you. STR ? Zealot works for you. SPR ? Zealot works for you.)

I understand that people who love their SPR Zealot hate that change, and I do hope they come up with balanced changes (one can dream), but it’ll sure be nice to have actual diversity and people who more or less specialize in their jobs rather than have a jack-of-all-trades.


i dont even think he play zealot. he just hate zealot like when he get killed in pvp.
fanaticism doesnt even pump blind faith, its fixed dmg, and now with sp massacre its sucks.


That’s called build diversity my m8.


I play Zealot but a Dex/Spr build!
(Its too good to pass)

But face it for Blindfaith NOW you dont need a good weapon you dont need trans the dmg ignores deff/mdef.

And thats a bit strong and yeah Elelocks/Fencer3 builds may out dps you but they have to invest alot on gear.

Another good thing is that you cant chose Kaba anymore to refill your sp :tired:


I would take a zealot to Velcoffer just for the blind faith attribute debuff, it boosts crit damage for the entire party and justifies their position in the group.

Their damage is just icing on the cake. They don’t need to be top DPS, they are utility DPS that can offer some heals and debuffs.


see? this show much he hate spr zealot.havin bad time eh? hahahaha


It is pretty clear that SPR zealot are dead if its only reason was BF.

It would be still viable if we go SPR for some w/e other reason and slap Zealot for Fanaticism.


All you guys arguing about whether blind faith is overpowered in its current state are missing the point.

Zealot has been out over a year. It was heavily nerfed already. Clearly it is in a state that TREE OF SAVIOR DEVS THEMSELVES believe is suitable.

ReBuild is nerfing that, and not through direct class change but through stat change.

This is an indirect and unintentional nerf, and I want to know what they are doing to compensate the class for the heavy loss of power this will result in.

Also maybe BF is op in pvp, i don’t know and don’t care. This isn’t a pvp game. In PvE the skill is garbage. 500k damage on a 40s cd if you go full spirit. Utter garbage. Nerfing it is just a slap in the face of zelaots. It needs to be adjusted to be worthy of being a rank 9 skill.


yeah no - blind faith is still ridiculous due to the attribute and will continue to be ridiculous post re:build

50% increase in crit damage and you think it is garbage? really?

EDIT: actually not sure what the attribute even does in rebuild so meh, translation is wonky