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Zealots in Rebuild - Spirit Nerf


the way i see it they certainly made more difficult to distribute points, before it was no brainer to max blind faith, p. illusion and fanaticism, since bead eyed was a 1 point wonder, but now that bead eyed at lvl 15 gives 45% increased critical dmg is harder, especially since it is a 10scd 5s upkeep buff (7s cd if taken with diev).

also, it sucks that spr don’t give sp anymore, because diev’s new ausrine buffing the cdr to 30% at 300s duration seems incredible for zealots, fanatism and illusion at 15s/21scd is really really good, if only we could double the utility for spr (since also increase owl dmg) :tired:


It still increases critical damage by 10% per attribute level for 10 seconds after getting hit by Blind Faith.

The skill itself isn’t that potent anymore, though, you basically get 20 hits of up to 100% of your max SP[i.e. 200% of half of your max SP(as the skill consumes half of your max SP) at level 10] as damage, which translates to about 20x 5000 to 20x 7000 damage [depends on your collections, titles, hidden quest rewards and equipment] on average.

100k to 140k overall damage might be good in challenge mode, but in general that’s probably way less than your normal skills deal.
Most people will probably opt for level 1 only to get the 50% critical damage debuff.

Even after the buff of Immolation, I still doubt that the skill is worth more than 1 point.

So Zealot will prob be pretty much max Beady Eyed, Max Fanaticism, Max Fanatic Illusion and 1 point into Blind Faith, Invulnerable, Emphasis Thrust and Immolation, leaving you with 1 free point to spend as you see fit.


So all my current builds are dead on Re:Build. How “nice” -.-

I run a full SPR P3>Chap>D3>Z2

With the nerfs to druid that class is no longer viable in this build, with the nerfs to Zealot Blind Faith and the SP consumption for Fanatic makes this a heavy potion drinker.

I Will miss my current 20k auto attack from my chap and the 40k damage with blind faith. But well, Time to change Strategies.

Lets see how the Exo Rubric with Inq CC + debuff that change everything into demon with a 80% damage upgrade from Fanaticism looks like in PVP and see how the hell they are going to nerf the rest of the cleric tree.

Oh and lets not forget that now all of that can crit even if it is Magic damage.


I assume you’ll be going Cleric -> Chap -> Inq -> Exo then? Or were you planning to drop Chap to keep Priest?


That is something I will test.

I’ve read somewhere that in the Re:BUILD the buffs you get from Padorners will Stack with Priest buffs. If that is really going to be the case I will try

Cleric > Priest > Druid? > Zealot

If that is not the case then on this char I will go Cleric > Chap > Inq > Zealot. I still love the class even it is butchered.

I Will use a second char with Cleric > Inq > Exo > Zealot still to try the damage that seens to be too broken on paper.


I don’t talk about this as much as I used to in other games because ToS is such a low skill game that it barely applies but a good/balanced game should match it’s skills/classes input to their output.

Cost + Effort = Reward.

Obviously everything in ToS is low effort so not much to be gained there but there is costs.

Blind Faith costs half of your SP, compared to lets say Death Sentence which probably costs about 200ish. Let’s assume the average person without trying has 10k SP, if that’s the case, by cost alone Blind Faith should be 25 times stronger than Death Sentence. Now obviously that creates a massive issue with it being way too strong. So if you can’t make it that strong, perhaps it shouldn’t cost this much…

Luckily these classes have other strengths to kind of hide this, but Blind Faith is bad compared to other skills that serve the same purpose. If the other Zealot and Oracle skills were present in both classes and you had to choose one or the other, nobody would ever choose Zealot.

The original poster may(MIGHT) want SP pools to be buff to make this skill stronger, and whether or not you agree with that is your own opinion. However this skill does need a buff of some sort, because in it’s Rebuild state it’s very very bad. What makes it especially bad is that it’s still good enough to take, it just doesn’t have the same Reward it used to.

If you don’t use it you lose out on a lot of extra damage, but if you do you gain an increase about as strong or maybe even weaker than other classes that have simular skills but you get a much harsher penalty.

Cost + Effort = Reward
Equivalent Exchange
You can’t get something for nothing but you shouldn’t lose something and gain nothing.