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Zealots in Rebuild - Spirit Nerf


the way i see it they certainly made more difficult to distribute points, before it was no brainer to max blind faith, p. illusion and fanaticism, since bead eyed was a 1 point wonder, but now that bead eyed at lvl 15 gives 45% increased critical dmg is harder, especially since it is a 10scd 5s upkeep buff (7s cd if taken with diev).

also, it sucks that spr don’t give sp anymore, because diev’s new ausrine buffing the cdr to 30% at 300s duration seems incredible for zealots, fanatism and illusion at 15s/21scd is really really good, if only we could double the utility for spr (since also increase owl dmg) :tired:


It still increases critical damage by 10% per attribute level for 10 seconds after getting hit by Blind Faith.

The skill itself isn’t that potent anymore, though, you basically get 20 hits of up to 100% of your max SP[i.e. 200% of half of your max SP(as the skill consumes half of your max SP) at level 10] as damage, which translates to about 20x 5000 to 20x 7000 damage [depends on your collections, titles, hidden quest rewards and equipment] on average.

100k to 140k overall damage might be good in challenge mode, but in general that’s probably way less than your normal skills deal.
Most people will probably opt for level 1 only to get the 50% critical damage debuff.

Even after the buff of Immolation, I still doubt that the skill is worth more than 1 point.

So Zealot will prob be pretty much max Beady Eyed, Max Fanaticism, Max Fanatic Illusion and 1 point into Blind Faith, Invulnerable, Emphasis Thrust and Immolation, leaving you with 1 free point to spend as you see fit.