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Your dream arts

image Chortasmata: Hell Plant
*Cancel the Floral Scent buff and hp restoration. Change the type-changing effect of [chortasmata] become demon-type monsters

dont mind the poor editing using online editor :stuck_out_tongue:


i like how you remove the healing effect lol. its plant from hell yknow haha
and its gotta be cooler if carnivory have an art too which change its form so that it can move but its gotta grow from hell plant so it requires hell plant arts.


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Cross Guard: Becomes a buff that allows you to auto-parry at reduced efficiency (25% instead of 50%) and applies the staggered debuff on countered enemies.

Cassis Crista: Multiple arts to change the effects (cc resistance) into damage absorption/additional damage/extra damage reduction, things like that.
It could show which one is being used by changing the color of the orle on the helmet or the color of the metal.

Hard Shield: A lightweight attribute that, instead of increasing defense, increases your patk/damage in detriment of your pdef/mdef.

Stomping kick: On landing, knocks up all enemies similar to Earthquake and makes them vulnerable to Seism when falling down

Embowel : Becomes a single target attack, but the kick attack sends the target and enemies close flying backwards (like cartar stroke), and if they collide with terrain, they become pinned for a while.

Deeds of Valor: The damage increase is reduced to 15% but increases by 3% for each 1% of missing HP.

Cyclone : Channel the spell for 1 second by spinning and send a tornado in a line that continuously damages for 3.5 seconds.

i dont want anything else imc gets me 3 extra flames on my inquisitor ( wich they took awat from me pre Re:build) its the dream xdd

Jokes aside : Flaming bigger wheel and only the casting inquisitor can hit it not the swordies in your party not the enemy swordies in pvp

Something like this

Make inquisitor great again pls imc


Heal : (turn on / off) uses the old tiles dynamic :sad: I miss it a lot


5 titles dont enough lol.
And boss’ reversi…

[Arts] Martyr: Holy Sacrifice

  • Extends the duration of Immortality by another 10 seconds.
  • Upon dying from [Fanaticism: Martyr], nearby allies recover 50% of their maximum HP and they are granted the [Price of Sacrifice] buff for 180 seconds which increases their damage. Also revives the user one time and benefits from the buffs (3 minute cooldown).

Zealots getting an Arts Attribute that tells them to die for a short-term benefit to other party members and the Zealots themselves don’t get anything for it.



I need all teh tiles, all … !
It was also fun to play having to keep that in mind shrugs quite suicide at times but part of the strategy XD

combine the main summon with the secondary summon instead of swapping owO

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have a necro art that replaces each kind of Skeleton summon to a “Skeleton King” type can summon only 1 with a better bossing capabilities.

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you guys supposed to draw like mine even though its poor editing :tired:

and its attack change into old diev owl statue attack.i call it carnivory:krynoid

how about instead of morphing with another summon, you morph with your summon so its no longer shadowy but it has a flesh/host and this time you can do summon skills and your own skill. i call it morph:host

Cryomancer - Ice Wall
Ice Pole: Only 1 ice wall will spawn and it has halved skill factor%, but it will create shards when hit by any attack.

Quarrel Shooter: Block and Shoot
Block Runner: Halves the Block rate bonus, but gives a pain barrier-like effect: no knockdown, knockback, or hitstun.

Sadhu: Prakriti
Communion: Doubles Prakriti’s base cooldown.
For [Prakriti’s skill level] seconds, you become one with your spirit and share effects. Your evasion is increased by 15%, you take 30% reduced damage, have +15 movespeed, and your heals are 15% stronger.

Elementalist: Storm Dust
Frost Cloud: Turns the Earth-type Storm Dust (back) into the Ice-type Frost Cloud.
Damage and all other attributes/effects are the same. Reduces enemy movespeed by 10 (stacks with Storm Dust: Slow) and has a 10% chance per hit to freeze.

that was my original plan for riding owO

the one you see is for morph Owo

Zealot: Magic
Turns Immolation, Fanatic Illusion and Emphatic Trust into magic damage.

Immolation: Arcane Armor Melt
Instead of reducing the target’s physical defense, reduces magic defense.

Fumigate: Disenchant
Removes the ability to cure debuffs on allies, but instead you remove one buff from enemies who step into the Fumigate AoE.

Sanctuary: Mobile Aura
Changes Sanctuary from a channeling skill into an Aura around you.

Shadowmancer: Synchronized Shadows
When using Shadow Thorn, all enemies debuffed by Shadow Trap and/or Shadow Fetter will take damage. (1 thorn appears under each debuffed enemy when using Shadow Thorn)

Levitation: Nimble Flight
+10 movement speed while levitating.

I’m late to this topic, but these are some ideas I had.


pls no oh god no more power to the exos :frowning:

yes!!! also remove shield restriction from sanctuary :smiley:
and love to PD is always good :smiley:

Silver Bullet : Dark Bullet
Changes all pistol attack to dark attributes instead of holy attribute


you dont need to argue over other people ideas, cause as i stated in title its dream arts. let them have what they want in their dream like your dream to buff up resistance for your pal-inq-zealot and also another dream like this

let them have their fantasies and dont let your bias build and a slight hatred over another build to ruin other people hope because honestly i just want to listen to people ideas and we should know better that all of this ideas chance become fruition near to 0.

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wtf xd

how is this bad? im just getting a fantasy over his fantasy xd

Something that turns Gravity Pole into an Installation skill like Heavy Gravity.