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Your dream arts

read my comment again and quote which part of it said that your sanctuary idea is bad. i made it as an example that its your freedom here to stating your dream arts and no need to judge like this

if you need me to make it simple, what im saying is no need to judge others idea nor im defending @Zeucleio cause i make this thread to hear even the silliest or craziest arts. and i wish no more judges come here to depress others fantasy. back again, i stated all of these as dream arts.

also i sense a little bit of hatred from that kind of comment before. you cant be that type of guy who think “my build can get stronger but not yours” can you?. how about “we all can get stronger” so that everyone dreams come true?

Monk: Asu-ORA :joy:
Upon reaching 10 stacks from critical hits using Monk Skills (not including Energy Blast), Double Punch Auto-Attack is turned into a fast flurry of consecutive fist strikes for one time (or a few seconds).

Sadhu: Coalescence
Infuses the body with spirit energy. All skills scale from the highest raw attack type and scale from both STR/INT and SPR/DEX. Also gives all skills the Psychokinesis property (and change all skills properties to whichever highest raw attack one has, physical or magic).

Zealot: Endless Zealism
Endless Zealism in you allows you to sustain Fanaticism and Fanatic Illusion endlessly as a toggle skill.

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my other dream arts:

hell breath:dragon breath
it changes the skill from channeling skill into one shot energy blast which inlcude an animation of a fire dragon head blasting a humongous fire energy blast from your hand. its basically a meteor that move forward.

prominence:dragons fest
this basically change the the prominence animation into a dragons instead of what we have.and instead of going random spot its linear/moving forward.

also something crazy like:
hidden art:salamander
require high attribute point and also fireball arts,magic shield,flesh hoop and dark theurge skills.
it combines all the shield into salamander spirit that protect you greatly from fire damage and also heal upon using fire skils. (fire+dead bodies+dark spirit=salamander)

Ghost Armor [rework the current sadhu arts]

  • require 4 cloth leather
  • changing sadhu type into ghost (increase matk received by 25%)
  • remove reduce damage received bonus
  • remove evasion bonus
  • reduce movement speed bonus become +5 mspd
  • min crit chance +15%
  • psychokinesis dmg +60% during OOB
  • allowing your body to move with your spirit during OOB,becoming mobile
    (basically your body gone and you turn into ghost)


  • group with healing garden
  • add healing factor sfr into damage sfr
  • reduce chortasmata duration become 1/8
  • increase damage by x8
  • now affecting flying type mobs
  • changing animation become taller violent grass


  • turn heal into magic circle, ranged cast
  • cooldown become 25sec
  • reuse old heal magic circle, big one box
  • SFR 1,5k-ish per hit, 5 hits (same SFR as magic missile)

Koinonia:divine installement

  • any installation count as party member of cleric tree

Carve Owl:Bubo Blaksitoni

  • only one owl can be created
  • defense count x5
  • dmg interval 1 sec
  • increased target
  • area x4
  • damage x5 (1k-ish sfr/second)
  • duration 20 sec

bokor mackdangal: pain relief
adds a heal over time or target 1 member to resu after death
bokor is a mess of a class coming from cleric might as well power up its support summoner niche :confused:

wl art demon scratch to demon kick

smaller aoe but can knock back enemy

Baby Falconer that gives random good buffs maybe?