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Your Daily Doise of Grimoire Master Monster Selection

POST YOUR DAILY SUMMON HERE! Also, MORE PETITION TO MAKE THIS SYSTEM permanent! I’m having a blast so far with this event!

Please, let it be permanent. I want to have my favourite characters around me forever. :sad:


This event is fun as hell. With the removing of field bosses, I had the chance of seeing my waifu again. She’s now level 420 and whipping serious bosses’ a**es. It’s even more funny to get those for your level 100 alt and stormroll CM stage 5 and even 6 with only your summoned poke. Gathering a good deck is hard, I just wished the grimoire pages were team storageable, but of course that would make the event too easy. Yet it’s still fun to have those mini Borutas or Skiaclipses everywhere.

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i call it pinata army


What if…

When a Pet is Lv420, can turn into scroll again and move that to team storage.

Nice to move good pets to main char, but not to easy/fast because it has to be leveled.

@STAFF_William @Manager_1 @GM_Francis @hkkim

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HOLY SMOKE that is a lot of Moringponia LOL

Still wonder if legend monsters are a must-have to clear everything or if a complete 3* unique team can also do it :thinking:

Oooof bad day.

@Cless_Alvein quite difficult in my opinions. I have 4x unique max level and still can’t beat stage 15 ; - ;

Wouldn’t a 2-star Moringponia be better? I have a lot of 1-star legends, they are greatly outperformed by any 2-star unique which can use skills.

i hold that day cause i wanna try 4 moring for phase 6 (25-30)
but hey i got the 4th


Im at stage 35 and still haven’t got a single legendary…

Lucky scroll

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Which one did you choose? Boruta or Moring? :distinguished:

Both :slight_smile: I had enough coins, was a jackpot XD

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WAIT WHAT?! You can choose both?! I have been buying massive scrolls and select 1 by 1… RIP coins.

Yes, you can get 1 or 2 or all if you have enough Coins. Or pick none.

I only could pick “none” once and then for some reason it didn’t let me, I had to change channels to avoid picking a bad poke

You need to select then unselect one to be able to spend 0 coins

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