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Yet another post about cleric in re:build


Its no secret that cleric got nerfed to the ground in re:build but Ill try to make my duty and hopefully IMC will read this and not ignore it.
I tested all classes and I’m gonna make a short explanation on why I feel about said class.
(I am not gonna metion Priest because there’s nothing to say, an solid support class, that’s it)

  1. Cleric : Heal has become so difficult to use that its no longe viable, Cure is useless as ever, Smite is a okay damage to use while other skills are on CD, but made paladin kinda of “meh”(more on paladin later), Fade is still the most useful skill and I don’t understand how people do quest without Fade, guardian saint only need to last for 5 minute like other base classes buffs.

  2. Krivis: is useless, now that (my former main) Taoist is no longer a cleric class (RIP), kirvis is pointless because it only worked if used with Taoist, Aukuras, zalciai and Dainos are useless, Divine stigma still is kinda of useful but so hard to setup that is not worth, with Taoist gone Melstis is useless. This class needs to be rebuild from 0.

  3. Druid: RIP, the most tanky class in the game is no longer a tank, the nerfs to transform and Lycanthropy are WAAAAAY TOOO heavy, seed bomb were always weak and Henge Stone is pretty much useless after the Human form for Lycanthropy, Oracle losing the ability to change mobs made everything worse. Chortasmata is an okay healing skill, Carnivory is fun to summon plants, but there’s nothing special from it, my recommendation is: revert the nerfs from Transform, and make Carnivory summons be the useful mobs that no longer can be found, this way the class keeps it relevance.

  4. Shadu: I dont even have anything to say, really, give this class to wizard and give us back Taoist, there is not a single reason to use Shadu.

  5. Diev: Dive is okay, the buffs are good, the annoying bug where the effects of Ausrine not working and you not getting the buff after leaving the range is really annoying, but an acceptable support class.

  6. Oracle: at this point the best class in the game by FAAAAAAAAR, divine might, death mark increasing +50% damage for the whole party damage and Twist of fate? way too strong, the only Cleric class that needs a nerf.

  7. Monk: poor little monk, a “dps” class that deals no damage, with almost no AOE, terrible debuffs and a defensive buff that is just a weaker version of the paladin buff, Monk is another class that need to be rebuild from 0.

  8. Pardoner: nothing to say here, “useful” as before, the buffs on the store are not as strong as before the nerf (everyone still sad/mad about that nerf IMC),but is an okay class.

  9. Chaplain: this class should be fused with monk, while you guys are reworking monk, put Last rites Aspergillum, Binatio and Visible Talent as monks buffs that work for the WHOLE PARTY, this class has no identity and its only job is too make other classes better, but in rebuild we can only have 3 classes, so Chaplain becomes pointless considering you can use this “slot” with other classes that will deal more damage.

  10. Plage Doctor: Healing factor is okay, but not an reliable heal, Incineration still terrible to be used because you need to be positioning yourself perfectly for it to work, Fornigate is useless as ever, Beak Mask is the new Ant-CC skill, but only works for you which is an massive nerf for the class, Black death is okay, Pandmic still has the same issues as before, nothing new, Methadone is okay-ish. overall an okay support class, but nerfed too much.

  11. Kabbalist: Years have passed and I still dont get the point of this class, sure it has tree of sepiroth which is an AOE heal and Ein sof which is an okay buff but that is it, this class have nothing else to offer, its deals almost no damage, gives almost no support and its not worth the “slot” as other class can buff/damage more.

  12. Miko: the useless, I have nothing new to say, having to stand still while using a skill is pointless, no one will ever do that. As other Cleric classes, this is class doesn’t have an “job” and it is not worth the “slot”.

  13. Paladin: what exactly is the point of this class? Heal is not as good as other classes, defense is almost nothing and its damage is made to work with Inquisitor, sure there’s a lot of people using this now that Heal(from base class) is useless and Druid no longer tanks, which makes this class looks better, the facts are, this class has no personality, it only “fixes” with an band aid other nerfs, and its made to make inquisitor better, there’s literally no point on this class for it self, just to make other classes good.

Entering the holly trinity of Cleric

  1. Inquisitor: please IMC for the love of the goddness don’t nerf this class, it actually deals damage, has good AOE and decent CDs. This right here is how every other dps class on the Cleric tree should be.

  2. Zealot: Oh my nerf, okay okay I understand, all high rank classes were nerfed to fit rebuild and that is fine, but you forgot one small detail, Zealot did lots of damage in exchange for the capacity to be healed and losing HP, you nerfed the damage but didn’t nerfed the downsides, the penalties of Immolation and Fanaticism should have been nerf in the same level as the damage, other than this, its a good class, and its not like Cleric has a lot of choices for DPS classes.

  3. Exorcist: nothing to say, a decent DPS class, considering Inquisitor and Zealot are physical, Exorcist is an option for full int (or magic damage) builds.

This three right here are pretty much mandatory because all other DPS classes are weak.

Overall I’m sad, so many nerfs to Cleric that almost makes me want to become a wizard, where my true love, Taoist, is, Cleric was left with a lot of “dps” classes that deals no damage and “support” classes that are not worth the “slot”, on your “Rebuild” you forgot to “rebuild” Cleric, that makes me a sad,a lot, as my heart will always be withing this class.

Thanks for your time reading this <3


Its just a vicious cycle, one or two classes become the new op hotness and certain things will stay in the dust for a long time to get eventually reworked to be the new op hotness.

I don’t know if you play much Wizard, but quite a few wizard classes are extremely meh or underperforming right now too.


Funny to see people now getting astonished with Twist of Fate, a skill that Oracle always had and almost lost it, during the first half of Re:Build tests. I know that the class got better now and it is more viable than before, but it is still funny.

I can see that you love Taoist. I must say that you should be grateful now, cause it is in a way better position now, being moved to Wizard. It is a solid class that have more combos to use on its own. Only thing that was too much for me was getting 3 overheats Eradication. But overall, Taoist fits nicely there as a DPS class that it always was, behind that green icon.


for me I stay as healer, because you will always be needed in party. the only I don’t like is new heal system were you have to think 5-10 sec which in the party is need to heal. good luck have fun when your party is the same class icon and your state of lagging when mass heal and sephi is still cooldown. it also apply ein sof, and resurection😂

im still getting use this new system


Based on some of the descriptions and feedback you provided you seem to never have played in a static group and don’t know the importance what some of the classes bring to a party (Chaplain, Miko, Paladin, Krivis)

From a single player perspective I can agree with you to a certain extent, but keep in mind that not all classes are meant to perform well in a single player environment.


I totally disagree with Cleric’s heal. It is not difficult to use. With only 10s CD and 2 overheats. It’s pretty much the most healing skill I use in the party.

If you have difficulty with targeting, here is a guide to help you:

Targeting heal is so easy, plus the range of heal is the whole map. So you can heal a party member from end to end. Specially when your party splits into two groups.


I have to agree with Dandu, when utilized well, and you actually use the normal heal as a Sniping Heal Skill, it works so well on saving other party members when they are cornered so far away etc. However, I think 2 overheat is just too little for max party members, like when you have a party of 5 for example, where Priest’s Mass Heal is then much better for the most part. I suppose for people with Priests, at least the Cleric Heal skill is a better backup heal when allies were split apart.