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[X-mas] Wizard's All Girls Christmas Party!

TEAM: ILOstrado

DESCRIPTION: Wizard took time to invite all the girls for a Christmas dinner and party. An opportunity to unwind and chill with the ladies during the holiday season.

direct digital drawing on Photoshop using a Logitech Drawing Tablet
01 December 2020

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oooh nice :satisfaction: now i want that Marnox plushie lol :heart_eyes:

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:smiley: Nice drawing m8

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ohohoho~ i know which culture those star shaped lanterns came from :prince:

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you did a good job , I prefer that.

I’ve never heard a drawing tablet brand called Logitech . I’ve been using XP-PEN ( ) drawing tablet for a few months now, Works well in Photoshop CC,Clip Studio Paint , and SAI. I recommended it to you to creat great digital art work.