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[X-mas] Thank you Master!

Server Name: [SA]Silute

Team Name: Bocayuva

Description: Some folks telled me that Master class Yuna spend her holidays alone in the forest. Some people think she doens’t like to be bothered or just doesn’t like christmas. Well, maybe I can change that! She taught everything I know about the Tiger Hunters and their culture, and of course how to fight in a different way with the musket. I have to retribuite in one way. So, I made myself a musket in toucan form and I gonna spend christmas with her, everyone needs company in theses times. I hope she likes the surprise!
By the way, I’m her best pupil…

Image Link:

I’m not an artist, I just wanted to show my appreciation to the Tiger Hunter class. I hope you like, at least I tried. XD


aw this is cute X3 i actually want to do something like this. like visiting my masters :satisfaction:

but then i realize all of my masters are very far away (Klaipeda, Forest of Prayer, and Rasvoy Lake) :hey:

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The best skin. Good art!



Yeah, Phamar Forest is kinda far away too, but I always there refining my equipaments.

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Vlw Woeden, melhor skin de musket mesmo <3

i am also afraid to visit my masters owo;;;

Aleister wants me to steal something from the pyromaster
Circe and her non-stop anti-aging tips
Ubik asking me to take on the white crow


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Perfeição define, adorei
Nice job! :heart:

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ela vai passar na companhia sua e de todos seus doguinhos - aye :3

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