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[X-mas] Pyromancer master tries to cook Christmas dinner

Server: [SEA] Telsiai
Team name: Prrotectorate

Our favourite pyromancer master, Abreh Melinn, tries to cook the perfect Christmas dinner with the power of her flames. All is going well until she meets her arch-nemesis Demon Lord Turkey. In her attempt to subdue her foe, she uses too much of her flames, rendering the turkey to a burnt crisp! What will Abreh do in the face of overwhelming defeat?

Featuring cleric master, Rozalija, as hungry guest number one.


Protecc 20charassssss

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Really really nice. I love it :heart:

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pft pft pft XD abreh vs demonlord turkey be like :haha:


i like the color choices give a christmas card like feel to it X3

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uwu thank you blu :satisfaction:

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nice… cooking 101 w/ pyromancer… yay!

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