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[X-mas] Dame Circe's Devlish Carolers

Server : [SEA]Telsiai

Team Name : The_Bluesorrow

Go summon up the dark ones
Chant the spell of your grimoire
Go summon up the great ones
From abîme noir

Yes, Go summon up the dark ones
With the aid of devil cards
Go summon up the great ones
And have them serve as bards~


is…tooo beatifulll -///////-!!!


oooh thank you yunosa X3 it was a quick idea i got from listening to lovecraftian carols

and watching the mr bean christmas episode XD

are you joining this season’s artfest? i look forward on seeing yours X3

Okay, u just draw all the bosses. They’re like a christmas choral, right? That’s amazing and truly beutiful. Nice work <3

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thank u bocayuva Owoy

oh nono ^^;; these are just for the summonable bosses by the sorcerer class X3

though i’m not sure if i missed any of them owO;;;

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GG you finished it so early!!

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aw thanks teeemu XD

i kinna did an shortkut widd de koloring leik. i maed an kolor mapping of dem tu maek eet easier tu kolor. but den i realized i kyan reduce de kolors’ opacity to leik 10% and put an base purpel kolor at de bakk owo
and boom!

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Purpollllllllllll … Viooollleeet …

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pretty awesome work…

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thank you :satisfaction:

nyt nyt ebriwaaaannn


but finally i can hear blu talk normal

nice art bloooo

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Wow, this is amazing…

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pft pft pft :haha:

thank you @HGl25 and @crevox :satisfaction:

i’ve been wanting to draw something like a group picture, i guess this is the perfect opportunity to do it X3

i like blut is like all excited taking a family photo.

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dang, nice details


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Can’t wait to have this as a loading screen

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my gurls Mirtis, Nuaele and Nuodai looking SOOOOOOOOO cute :3

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oh yes~ i know there are people pointing that out too @skywing22 :haha:

thank you @Ersakoz it’s nice to hear from you again :satisfaction:

oh my i don’t know about that @Protectorate_ENE but thank you i am flattered :hey:

pft pft pft X3 thank u @victor_galvim mein are helga and naktis :prince:

This is absolutely stunning and amazing! I’d love to see this as loading screen! :heart_eyes:

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thank you very much @eLouise i am flattered :satisfaction:

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