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Wugushi or Ranger?

Currently using Falco>Sapper>Wugushi
I’ve been testing around since re:build, found this one is pretty much of a boss killing machine.
But, I think I’m getting tired of it…? ‘-’
I mean, I just throw stuff at them and AA until they die, get’s kinda boring.
I was thinking on changing Wugushi for Ranger, as I have some decent crit rate and poison won’t crit.
Do you guys think that it’s worth to trade those insane tick dmg from Wugu, and the 30% dmg on poisoned targets (Velnia Monkey), for Steady Aim (that honestly, seems bugged), 50%+ crit dmg, Spiral Arrow and Barrage (and that crit debuff that lasts nothing). And Bounce Shot with it’s long and lame animation lol.
I’m not really into CM and farming big crowds, but I’m not having any problem with that when needed.
Guess the focus is boss killing…

Can anyone give me an opinion? ‘-’
Thanks in advance!

Ps.: BOW only

Steady Aim is useless to sapper and falco tho. You claim that wugushi is for bossing, then you are picking another bossing class in my opinion, are you gonna use Spiral Arrow for what ? Since you don’t want a Musketeer, I would pick Mergen over Ranger.

I see what you mean, I was mainly thinking at those 50%+ crit dmg, also Barrage and Spiral Arrow got some ok dmg…
I’m pretty at loss for Mergen after rebuild, all skills seems worth to max (aside from Jump Shot, they’ll even remove it lol).
But the main point is, I’d not lose a great deal of dmg? ‘-’
I can’t get Musket bc I’ve already invested so much on my Velco Bow, and no one would buy it since the whole server is musket/canon :stuck_out_tongue:

PS.: What about Fletcher?

best for you: