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Wugushi build worth it?

Hey guys, i love Dot builds and always loved wugushi so i tryed to make a build with it any thoughts?

Okay so to start your link is ToS.Guru. Which is not opening for some people since it has that loading thing that everyone hates.

I managed to get someone to show me and immediately noticed, no Falconer, I very much advise taking Falconer, especially with Wugushi. For that reason I am ignoring your Sapper part and just gonna pretend you took Falconer like you should.

I can’t tell if you plan to PvP with this or just PvE but let’s start with simple stuff, 5/5 in Oblique Shot, NO. Don’t do that, the current best in slot crossbow is the Masinios as a Velcoffer Ichor, if you’re using Masinios you’re going to want 1 in Multi Shot minimum, and you should be using Masinios as a Wugushi. As for Twin Arrows personally I would put 3 in it, but that’s more of a preference thing so do what you like, you shouldn’t max the targeted poisons, they gain very little per level and they both have way too many points to be worth going for. Jincan Gu is the best skill in this class, 0/10 is insane, max it for maximum insect swarms and enjoy seeing all those numbers.

For Piper you maxed the hamsters but decided to opt out of 3 songs that help you summon them, 1 of which is a good CC and another is Pain Barrier.

Idk if you chose not to learn them for the sake of the C3 skill but Idt it matters, you should be taking the stun and pain barrier regardless. Breman Mask doesn’t even have a chance to be copied so it’s worth it to tap for an extra hamster or keep your hamsters refreshed.

That said this is what I recommend based on what you had.

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@thepurpleknightmare sorry I’m not very familiar with archers. Why is falconer a must have for wugu?

BTW, When did tosgbase came back?!

The AoE of Wugushi with the AoE support of a Falconer is almost unrivaled. The ability to pull all the monsters in with Pheasant so you can get the Jincan Gu debuff on them, as well as put them in the Pot puddle is so good, but on top of that circling AoE defense ratio reduction which if I am right helps the Wide Miasma, and then just everything about Aiming is overpowered to the point where I would say Falconer is a “must” for any archer build, especially in PvE, but even in PvP. Aiming is just too good.


I wouldn’t say it’s a must have. Cooldowns actually are rough to manage due to some of the rebuild changes between both. Once you get used to it, it’s fine, and both classes are exceptional AoE in a tree that has little of it, the issue with wugu actually is more that it’s really starved for points.

I also can never get the Guru build pages to load from links, so I’m not sure what your third class was. Sapper will also add AoE, but musket or cannon would also be good here, because both falc and wugu are compatible with all weapon types. Piper is also viable, but I think weaker than if you picked a class with really high bursty SFR skills to make the most out of weltbaum–but gu pot + crescendo is exceptional burst, and if you wait til the last 10-15s of latent venom, you’d probably get a ton of damage out of it.

My current wugu falc is actually ranger, but there are a few considerations, the most important one being that wugu dots can’t crit, I wanted something that did a little bit of everything, and ranger/falc synergize well with each other, in my opinion. Wugu, on the other hand, is flexible, but its single target (on its own) still suffers a lot except on really long boss fights thanks to latent venom. Also key is that you don’t overwrite latent venom too early, you really want to make the most out of the last few seconds of it, since that’s where it’s doing the most damage.


my bad i put to little information on the post, i already have a Ranger > Falconer > Mergen for CM and a bit of bossing

that build was more for a party (wich do not justfy not geting falconer), i did not get falconer, cause i’m tired of seeing it on every build hahahaha and a do love sapper if it only had better traps or sinergy

Never played as wugushi before, so never had an idea of wich skills get, since sapper have lots of aoe i tried to focus on some of the single target damage…
Pied piper is just for the 200% damage i always hear people comment about.
But yeah i did not think to much when making this build

Gabriel, first of all, there is no rule as “you only pick this class when you have that other one”.
With that being said. I play Wugu-Sapper-Piper and it is super fun to play! For mobing you don’t need to throw everything you have, Miasma + Piper’s stun (the first skill) is usually enough to kill everything when in party. When solo playing Miasma + jican gu + piper’s stun do the trick.

I’m under level 330 atm but soon i will be doing CM and i bet i can pull some damage there. Sapper seems awesome for CM. Bossing is a little bit difficult cuz most of them move a lot and end up avoiding your traps and poison puddles.

Unless you are worried about being top DPS on your server do as you want with your build.

PvP wise DoT is never a good option for it because you need to kill people fast before they kill you so… This build is not PvP oriented at all.

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yeah i’m looking for fun, don’t need to be the best, just need to be viable hahah

All points not regarding Falconer still stand, especially those involving the Masinios Bow. 3000 damage on every instance of damage you deal is strong.

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Nobody is denying falco is good paired with wugushi or whatever. It’s just that some of us don’t want it, or don’t have character slot for it… Wugu-Sapper-Piper is viable and actually good and fun to play.
Wugu goes with everything really, it doesn’t have weapon restriction and Zhendu comes in hand in the absence of enchant fire.

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Sorry i write a little to much here =x

Tos Guru is giving me a hard time as well, have to first open their main pagen then click on build link…

It was something like @thepurpleknightmare suggested but with sapper insted of Falco, and really bad choices on Pied Piper, i did not want to use falco cause already had Pie Piper as suport, and already have another archer with Falco (dont like to repeat things), i wanted just o have some fun with this build, but after reading all the coments here decided to change

I think i’ll go with a build that can be used for Group PVE and some PVP
Already have my Ranger > Falco > Merg for CM/Raid, and SR > Link > Thauma for farming…
So some pvp seems nice, and then Wugushi falls cause dots are not good for pvp… Could use something like Pied piper > Falco > Musket, or Appraiser > Falco >Musket
I can always get rid of ranger on my Mergen build and put Wugushi, think it will be stronger that way…
any thoughts?

Almost forgot, @thepurpleknightmare the falco build you suggested you did no max Circling cause you use it only for Falcon burst skills? or max Pheasant and Sonic Strike really worth a shorter duration of Circling?

I like the wugu playstyle so Ive been trying to build a good PvE char.

My current build is Wugu > Musk > Falc. But if I didn’t take Falc I would have built, Ranger > Wugu > Merge (but the number of skills is overwhelming for me). I tried Pied but I just don’t understand the class… it seems to have too many limitations… the only synergy I felt worked was a Sapper > Pied > Wugu… set up all the traps and poison then CC the monsters with Marching and Dancing till they die. But that got boring quick!

Wugu works quite well with Musket if you are planning a AA archer too… for low level maps I use Zengdu + Grooving which works well especially for questing when mobs are sparse.

great part of that sinergy with another classes asside from wugushi and sapper is due to Lied des Weltbaum 100% damage buff for 13 sec, and Wiegenlied garanted critical…
A falconer > Mergen, could just use Pheasant to stack mobs, them Play the 2 songs, and proced to a tomahawk with 100% damage + Critical garanted and if it do not finish the mobs, you can play Friendslied to acelerate the burn damage from tomahawk, keep then in place with dissonanz and use arrow sprinkle from merge (assuming aiming and cricling are still up)
Mos of mobs on CM do not last that much tho

The issue with circling is that you’ll never get it to 100% up time, but you can reset it’s CD. I don’t feel it’s worth giving up SFR for 1 second per point especially since I am more PvP focused.

That said even in PvE, it’s aiming that carries the build, I mostly just use circling for Wide Miasma.

Most of the skills that matter aren’t hurt by AoEAR. Poison Pot and Jincan Gu don’t need it, my Pheasant and Tomahawk don’t seem to need it.

If you were trying to carry a CM as like a Cannoneer or a Mergen you might want it but then it’d be frustrating having that 20 seconds of downtime because your build relies on an unreliable skill.

I’d rather have half the duration and just not build around it. Circling - Wide Miasma and then who gives a ■■■■ about circling, Aiming is bullshit.

What Cards are beying used nowdays for Wugushi?

red: velnia monkey
pot: doesnt matter, its just aesthetic