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Wugushi after Re:Build


Hey guys, I’m a fan of poisons classes, but the wugushi is a boring class to pick in ToS. They’re not good in PvP, and in the PvE, they’re… don’t know, i think that needs something else. I’d like to know if there is something coming for Wugushi, after the Re:Build.
Their symbol is green, but they only have Detoxify skill to “support” other characters.
Their damage is moderate, for the actual rank system, when everything will come “horizontal”, looks like no one will waste one of their ranks with Wugu, because there is so much better options.
What do ou guys know about Wugu, and what are you waiting for?


i really like to see new skill that define the wugushi character AKA the Poison Master

such as :slightly_smiling_face:

1 Create Poison - getting new debuff like bleeding / blind / silence / etc…
2. Poison Throw - obviously to use poison created
3 Poison bomb

hmm need to think look more about wugushi character


I think about the creation of new poison too. Just like the ‘Guillotine Cross’ from Ragnarok. If Fletchers create their different tipe of arrow to use their skills, Wugu needs to create different tipes of Poison. And these Poison should be useful for both PvE and PvP.


They’re great in PVE, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

In fact wugushi’s problem right now is that they have too many good skills, and not enough skill points to max them all.


I think wugu is overnerfed in rebuild. Poison pot skill factor and duration tremendously reduced. Crescendo bane increased cooldown also destroy it’s synergy with poison pot. I’m curious whether poison still can’t crit, blocked or evaded. It would be interesting if it still work same way.

Only reason wugu is still picked currently is poison pot + crescendo bane dmg still relevant at end game (aside from velnia monkey card synergy). That makes the class “sapper #2” (picked only for few skills). Also, multiple skills and said combo only works with ground enemies. So it is very weak when encountered flying enemies.


Wu gong is 1% less SFR. Gu pot is halved. Latent venom does more in rebuild. Wide Miamas has a higher SFR in Rebuild than it does right now. Jincan has a max of 10 bugs in Rebuild, double the current cap.

This, when every single other class is having their SFRs halved, OHs removed, and CDs doubled. It’s time to stop memeing that a class is bad because you heard that once from someone who didn’t know how to play it years ago, and you either never played the class yourself as a result, or never even bothered to get an average weapon/gear, let alone a good one.


Fire enchant scrolls will no longer be a thing since Enchanter moved to Scout so Zhendu will be GREAT for AA builds :wink:


Hmm, I don’t think that there are any AA focused builds in the Archer tree left now.

Anyway, I think Wugushi is perfectly fine on Re:Build. I’ll link some videos that may be a bit outdated since the test server is receiving frequent updates, but it may give you an idea of how Wugushi is faring with the rebalance changes.