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Wugu vs falco DPS sheet

Inspired by greyhiem’s DPS sheet
I make my own DPS sheet comparing wugu (DoT) vs falconer (burst).

All of the skills here are compared on maxed level and 0 enhancement attribute.
The result are quite the opposite of the perception that majority players got (that wugu SFR are too low)

for mergen falconer is much better because all skill scaling from aoe, but my build is Mergen - Wugu - Falconer , because Ranger without huge crit rate is suck and fletcher without vaivora ichor not that good

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truuueee! i used to be mergen wugu falconer too, the synergy that build has is high, strengthen each other class. But everything will change when you got vaivora ichor, you must sacrifice one or the other.

Idk, wugushi is pretty strong after patchs
But your calcutations ignores basic stuff/attributes like pheasant: rapid atk that boost its damage to more than double damage, also you can pretty much spam the skill via Pre-empr strike for 1/4 dmg.

the strongest thing about wugushi may be the fact that it boost your STR and consequently your p-atk, I saw a video of someone boosting their atack by more than 6k with wugushi art, lol

at the end of the day we can only see the class full potential by testing in practice

I don’t know why IMC has not released yet a training dummy (a decent one)
They have the perfect oportunity now with the housing system and the new solo bosses damage ranking system, just release something that we can place at our house or guild hangout and start/reset our damage count, they can even put it in the cash shop to profit from it.

yes, i compared vanilla version of it to simplify matter. I dont know exactly how much increase is pheasant rapid attack increase, some say 30%, other say +100%, no official answer, not to mention +50% against beast. To my surprise, wugushi isnt as weak as “they said”.

with trinket, now you can make wugushi’s version of steady aim.
wugu skills+ 3 velnia monkey + 2 rajapearl card + wastrel trinket = +40%dmg (stronger than lv16 steady aim +38.4% dmg)

in my opinion only thing good in wugushi class inthis patch is STR+50% arts , and have great AOE skill (poison pots) the single target dps really weak , even with my archer with 40k+ phyatk(2800STR after using latent venom with arts) latent venom only deal 20-30k/tick on moringponia WB / not even reach 100k on other poison skill but give +20-30% final dmg to other class skill (from 900+ STR increase)

and its cant compare to Ranger , if play ranger just use rajapearl + prison cutter card + wastrel trinket also give you +40% dmg / ranger also give +50% final dmg to critical hit , steady aim +40% dmg

in ktos they playing wugushi with arbalester/hunter to increase phyatk with latent venom arts , skill dmg still weak cant compare to other class anymore

Here vids (before EP.12 patch with smugis set)
DOT only deal 100-200k/ticks , even with full time poison dmg cant compare to 1 skill of falcon
but arts give alot extra dmg to musketeer/tiger hunter skill

pheasant / sonic hit 3m caps , and become 10m after patch / all attaka proc from falconer skill proc 10m attaka while wugushi skill cant proc attaka
after EP.12 all skill burst dmg = 50m+60m+10m = 120m (also +30m with attaka proc)

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oh hi, xtsuyuri! did you got vaivora musketeer?

it will, when wugu crit enabled in the next couple of patch

sorry, IMO the falconer in that vid using toucan (whale) with the help of equipped lv 400 legend weapon. The comparison is heavy sided. Normal hawk is the norm. My table above is for vanilla comparison, no 50% art no legend equip included, for casual/newbie player.

when wugushi poison can proc attaka , it will be more problem
you gonna proc 300-500k attaka hit instead of 10m from other skill

as i stated before, your toucan make a biased comparison (like a duel between A using stone and B using RPG). For a fair comparison, dont put ANY weapon in your toucan. This is about damage per second the SFR can normally give.

but yeah i admit it, you need the burst of falconer to make video of any hardest boss under 30 second, wugushi cant help that. Imagine video of [defeating misrus/lepidoptera/legend skia with normal time using normal gear], not as interesting title as [legend skia 28 sec], right?

i can confirm that damage from falconer skill surely better than wugushi even use normal falcon

the thing you have to measure isn’t the damage of wugushi vs falconer , better measure tha extra physical attack from latent venom skill , thats maybe can compare vs falcon

please make a video of it, 1 for wugu, and 1 for weaponless toucan.

i think falcon damage is much higher vs boss need calculate premitive strike and reset cooldown from falconer

16000x2 = 32000 SFR
10000x2 = 20000 SFR
8000x2 = 16000 SFR

premitive = 4000 or 2500 every 5 seconds


bonus, with help from my guildies @JustHann

with pheasant:rapid attack attribute on, pheasant deals 250% dmg
SFR 6430%*2.5= 16075%
DPS 16075/30 sec= 535.83%

new tomahawk lv 5 16121% / 25 sec= 644%
lv 6 19345/25=773%+60%= 1236% DPS for lv 100 enhance

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