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WTB Demon Loard Zaura or Marnox or Froster Card


My build was Sorcerer Necromancer, So monster That I summon monster card is important for this class. Buy it with a good prize.


Before buying card for a summoner, you should carefully plan ahead what you will do with your summoner when re:build hits. Remember that in the new version, physical summons will use PATK instead of MATK. If you buy a Marnox, you will have to invest into a PATK weapon. If you buy a Froster Lord, you will be good with a MATK one.


This isn’t true. They haven’t changed the functionality for how summons gain ATK in Re:Build.

Also, I’d advise not buying a legendary card unless you were very dedicated to the class. Legendary cards only look cooler, but are actually weaker than their normal version due to the extreme difficulty (impossible) in getting 10 stars on them. They do not have any inherent stat or attack bonus.


Really? That’s some good news! I was under the impression that physical attackers were using PATK because I watched one of Nekorin’s videos where he was switching from Froster Lord to Marnox and was doing no damage with a Rod.