Tree of Savior

Worth it this build at re:build?


So, I was considering archer-falconer-mergen-cannoneer… Excluding the fact I’ll use 2 different weapon, could this work?


Just asking:
How do u expect to play with this build? Are all of the classes combining with each other to achieve the previous dream?
Picking a class just cause it is strong now is not a good way to start theorycrafting.


It could work. Not much synergy, but both mergen and cannon can utilize circling to hit more targets.

However, do make sure you have both strong bow and cannon, especially cannon. Using a weak cannon and low AoE attack ratio is very unpleasant to play because it’s slow, it’s weak, and it hits like 3 targets with huge SP consumption XD


I was just considering, since i do have both weapon +16 trans 10. But i think will be better if i use 2 characters insted. Thx again \o