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Wizard ARTS Class Build Discussion

So we are getting the ARTS patch like finally. Although we have not received the entire patch, if there is any theorycrafting with regards to Wizard Builds I was thinking maybe we can start the ball rolling and help each other out from the builds that we tried. I’m trying to make my builds in such a way that I do not repeat 2 classes together

Here are some of the builds that I’m intending to try.

  • Warlock - Psychokino - Onmyoji. Psychokino + Onmyoji both are really good with AOE and Firefox still boosts Gravity Pole. Those 2 classes already settle the AOE that I need so I was thinking of going along with Warlock for more bossing capability and also to make use of Onmyoji Yin Yang attribute that boosts dark damage
  • Cryomancer - Elementalist - Taoist. My Ice/Lightning Mage. Probably won’t be the strongest but I like the theme of it. Will pump into Electrocute/Hail for Elementalist despite them not being the strongest skills. Taoist wise, not sure if I should pump into the nerfed Creeping Death Charm or Divine Punishment.
  • Pyromancer - Psychokino - Elementalist. My Fire Mage. Does seem to be a bit of an overkill for AOE but I probably use this mainly to clear challenge modes so huge AOE is a big plus. Also have really good CC.
  • Sorcerer - Necromancer - Bokor. We have not gotten the summoner buffs yet and even so I’m not sure if it will be on par with the other classes. Then again, I do still want a full summoner build for fun
  • Warlock - Shadowmancer - Sorcerer. A Dark/Shadow themed build. I expect this build to be pretty subpar since the AOE seem mediocre and Shadowmancer just isn’t a good PVE class. Is Shadowmancer still good at PVP after the Shadow Thorn nerf? Maybe I’ll change this to a PVP based build but I’m not familiar with PVP
  • Featherfoot - Warlock - Necromancer. The Vampire build. Featherfoot and Warlock goes well together. Necromancer seems pretty good with the debuffs which I’m not sure if still applies after the ARTS changes but I’ll try to find out
  • Chronomancer - Runecaster - Elementalist. Since I’m lacking Chronomancer and Runecaster, might as well put them together in 1 build and add another good damage class.
  • Sage - Alchemist - Onmyoji. Basically a mule for all my crafting classes.

I’ve tried that “not repeat class” thing when episode 11 arrived, ended up hating half of the builds and not using the characters lmao

This time I will try to stick with the meta, or at least some variation of the meta for most of the PvE characters.

Exactly what I did, but I still enjoy them:

  • warlock/bokor/sorc
  • cryo/kino/onmy
  • pyro/ele/tao
  • alche/RC/sage

I just hope the latest patch didn’t break everything. Apart from tao, rest should be fine.

Is firewall worth taking for the Arts??? The damage was untouched, and it seems lackluster compared to the other fire spells

Tree Of Savior: Misrus Hard mode (EleTaoOnmyo)

Doing the stamp tour, I was able to get my first art (you get a free tome which requires no BG to turn into an encyclopedia + a crapton of AP). It’s the Yin Yang art for my Omny. Will be perfect along with cryo-kino which has skills to group mobs. I don’t think I’ll get cryo’s igloo one, doubt I’ll get the gravity/raise combo so after that I’ll probably go for WL’s PoA art.

I read or saw videos that Warlock’s PoA ARTS is really good for bossing to spam spirits. For Yin Yang, I actually thought of getting Warlock - Psychokino - Onmyoji for my main and I guess Kino’s Magnetic Force would really help out here.

I’m thinking when will we get the changes for summoner because as of now they are in a pretty bad spot.

What happens if you unlock an art then change class? Also would appreciate any answer regarding my firewall question XD

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I’m not sure about the ARTS unlock thing. For Firewall, tbh from the videos I’ve seen I don’t think it looked that strong. If you were to get ARTS for Pyromancer get Prominence first that skill is very strong with ARTS. Flame Ground also does a lot of damage. Fire Pillar is more for CC. I’m thinking whether or not to invest in Fireball

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Also, since you mentioned Warlock, is Mastema even worth it now? The Phantom Pain attribute seemed almost useless and the 1 hit from the skill itself isn’t that strong compared to every other skill that we have. Is it even worth maxing or maybe just get 1 point for debuff? I’m not sure

I saw from your video from the skill build you posted and I have a few questions

  • Is Elemental Essence not needed?
  • I see that you chose Divine Punishment over Creeping Death Charm. Is it better to put points into Divine Punishment now?

essence is not needed but you can take it if you wish to leave hail on 1 with no points on fireclaw.

  • its up to personal preference really, and depends on the type of content you do.

creepy is really weak now, so its better to max divine punishment due to ease of use+3 OH and high range

I second Mikumo’s choice for Divine Punishment.

CDS LV15, LV100 attrib = 1400% sfr per hit (21000% total per cast), and very small hitbox

Divine Punishment LV10, LV100 attrib = 6779% sfr per cast (20337% total) with high range. What’s left unsaid is the damage bonus at full charge – the target receives damage roughly 1.75x greater than it would’ve been if you just pressed the button, while those around the target receive about 1.30x more damage instead.

I also dumped my skill points into divine punishment now. Still have 8 points left. Not sure if i wanna put them into creeping death or begone demon

The art is very good… however the Prominence art is way better so get that one first.

Fireball still does a crapton of damage by itself, is fast cast and has 3 OH. Problem is the really short AoE, so it’s more a fire bolt than a ball – same problem as the Rune of Ice skill for RC.
Big problem is that now skills have SFR vastly dependent on level, so it’s hard to choose a DPS skill and leave it at level 1. Choosing Fireball and putting 15 points will give a lot of damage, but it’s 15 points you could spend elsewhere. For example my pyro doesn’t have Firewall skilled and Flame ground is at low level. I’ll have to consider ditching Fireball to put the 15 points into those skills, all will depend on the utility of single target skill vs multi-target and SFR values with the points we have for them.

Hahahaha… yesterday I did Saalus with un-respeced Warlock and oneshotted ALL bosses with Mastema. It’s insanely good now. After respecing (my Mastema is at level 11 with a socketed gem + max attribute), it gets a 10k% SFR (didn’t check Phantom Pain, but it should give 75% of MATK each tick which is still fine).
The only problem with Warlock is that you don’t get enough points for the spirits unless you sacrifice other skills. Demon Scratch 5 + PoA 10 (SFR growth with level is simply too steep to not max the skill if you plan on getting the art) + Mastema 10 + Evil Sacrifice 1 means you have 19 points left for Invocation + Dark Theurge + Ghastly Trail when ideally you want all 3 maxed. Since Invocation has the worst SFR growth per level, I left it at 1 (300% vs 450% at level 15). I had Ghastly Trail maxed before (+100% damage), I decided to sacrifice 5 points which still gives decent damage increase (+80%). This leaves 8 points for Dark Theurge (bit less than 300%) which makes it almost on par with Invocation while having half the CD.

I would take Elemental Essence only if my Elementalist is coupled with Warlock like in the old times to minimize penalty vs dark mobs and increase damage vs holy (mainly for Skiaclipse). Otherwise it’s too tedious to use and too situational to sacrifice 10 points which are badly needed for DPS. Same reason why I don’t skill the Stone Curse anymore – fire claw is too good not to max, electrocute wipes a lot of mobs ans storm dust is still good by itself.

Creeping Death Charm is still very good due to high SFR, but not absurdly good. Problem is, now you have Divine Punishment that does the same amount of damage, is almost instant-cast, has 3OH and is targetable. How many times I’ve targeted Creeping Death Charm into empty space…
Looking at Tao it’s overall better now. Lightning Charm will boost your pyro/ele skills by a lot, so what you lost with Creeping Death Charm you gain elsewhere (Lightning Charm + Flame Ground + Meteor = 30s CD max damage nuclear bomb for example).

I don’t see the use for Begone Demon, you want your charms to stay not to explode. CD is still good, put your spares in that skill.

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I maxed out every skill on my pyro except for: Enchant fire, Firewall, Fireball. I put lvl 1 on enchant fire and have around 4 remaining skill pts. would it be better spent on Firewall for the Art, or just put it to fire ball??

Before respec I had 4 Flame Ground + 15 Fire Ball (Fire Wall not skilled). I still didn’t respec my pyro, should do that tonight. Best way to know is check the SFR at different values. For example: try 15 Flame Ground + 4 Fire Ball instead. If the SFR of Fire Ball at 4 point is crap compared to 15, then clearly don’t skill Fire Ball (you don’t skill Energy Bolt or Ice Bolt right?).

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How much matk/defense/hp should one have before trying CM6 and above? CM5 is like so easy now with the changes. Pyromancer/Psychokino/Onmyoji/Runecaster and even Cryomancer’s AOE just clear CM5 so easy but CM6 is like a different game altogether

can you post your skill build here? :satisfaction: thankkk youu