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Why is the game so easy? it just isn't fun anymore :/

Too many buffs, game gives you op equipments all the time, the xp curve is retarded
linker is useless as every class have 348563285 AoE skills, every skill in the game is useless as you OHKO every enemy with normal attack, boss fights ends in only one hit, I can survive and clear a mapo 30 levels above my own. Cmom guys…
what the actual f*** have you done with this game since beta

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Level 1-420 were made super easy so new/returning players could catch up to current content faster

WAT, what is the level cap???

450 now.
And some stuff gets harder after 420 or/and party based

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easy?? TOS is based on gear progression and importance is not given for level progression.
u may hit lv 400+ in like 4-5 days itself .
but the Gear progression and power scaling for character(Equip,Arrtibutes,Arts,cards…etc) will take …hmmm maybe long time(years??)…to reach endgame.
You will understand that sooner or later.
you will reach a point where u will feel bosses are too strong…(moring,legend raid bosses).
you ve seen nothing yet…dont conclude too early…

Wait for the main quest last boss…

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Try farming on Sewer, I betcha it’s fun and engaging ™

No kidding, I’ve got a full +11 and T10 Savinose Set (Armor, Staff) from newbie login event and I was at level 420 when I died that time. And the map Sewer is level 400, TWENTY levels below me.

We have Challenge Mode in which everyone literally swims in a sea of mobs, you will see nothing but your skill effect and numbers popping up. We have lots of dungeons to do, and all of them are difficult even with a 5-man party with competent healer. Then we have GvG and PvP, in which everyone is level 460 with 140k HP and 40k ATK. The we have world bosses boasting a BiLLiOn HP. Yes you heard that right, it’s 1 000 000 000 HP.

Comrade, try to get past story quests and play the endgame content. The fun starts there.

chill, no need to rush, impulsive and judgmental over game

whats your level currently anyway?

dont play linker to start the day.linker is more of support.better pick some dps class to make your journey smoother later which gonna be a lot of solo journey in the beginning.

this is the setup cause you can get exp from monster that ±35 lvl above you iirc

if you see world boss announcement like moringponia and the gangs, try to come and join, at the very least you will see. or try peeking top players gears and compare it to yours. you will understand the gap and theres so many thing youve been missed compare to beta

Yes, it isn’t fun anymore unfortunately, now shut up and take this free savinose t8, here, take 500.000 attribute points, now get out my way, go solo Boruta.

pretty much only tweaked the numbers;
mobs have less HP & attack as well as lost the ability to cc you with status ailments.

The bad mob AI is still the same.
The slow monster action& reaction cycle is still the same.
The awkward execution for many skills is still the same ( although a lot have less delay now).
Damage mitigation tactics are still the same (stacking defense, evasion,block,CON,chugging pots and relying on healer in harder content).

The game never was optimized for engaging play like games that had been released prior to TOS, but the watering down of the contents and their mechanics made these flaws evermore apparent.

Yes, the game could feel more rewarding if you had similar difficulty curves like at Rank 6 or 7, but that would just be traded for more of your precious time as the same boring content would simply consume more time.
There is always the option of inducing a handicap onto yourself (less armour, no weapon or a worse weapon, no buffs, no skills, whatever), but just having the game feel harder doesn’t increase the quality of the product or the outcome.

The only reason why the game looks so bland for you is because it is bland and the only reason you didn’t notice is because you were engaged in other things (mainly surviving or grinding equips of the next tier).
Yes, a lot of content was left behind (special equipment from gimmicks or dropped by monsters, gimmick points & consumables, area-related collections and achievements), but that content wasn’t really there to entertain the majority of people.
It was just an attempt to give the game the flair of an old-school RPG.

Now that the magic is gone and the game is stripped barren to the bones of a heavy grinder treadmill, if the game was harder, none would play it anymore because it doesn’t offer anything aside it and what was left behind or partially abandoned.

The game is set up in a way that it’s very easy until like lvl 420. After that it takes a steep curve and then you will never complain ever again when enemies kill you in in a few hits with your Kedoran equipment in the new maps.

You link them all in a nice group then KILL! thats your AoE right there hahaha …

Ok… so Moringponia raid is lv420. Send video you clear it (normal mode is fine, dont have to be hard mode) with your char lv390. Oh wait, you dont even have to finish the raid… just kill the few mobs at the very beginning lol

ha cant even enter the raid because the level restriction duh hahaha
just go to world boss moringponia in northern parias.theres lot of warp there in town.then you ll see yourself.if you think your level too low get there at 400 or even 420 with nothing like ichor, legend gears,cards,gems,enhancement, party etc etc.go there as solo and try hit the boss.or more like try survive the boss.

The Game is to hard ppl are crying.
The Game is to easy ppl are crying.

You know nothing like John Snow @gabriel_wave_conde

The HARD content for now is:

Misrus: Still hard for new/ungeared players.
Skiaclipse Legend Raid: Still hard for new/ungeared players.
Moringponia Legend Raid: If you don’t have high gear and good synchro with others players, you can’t clear it.
Challenge mode stage 7 on new maps: If you don’t have a good team and good gear you can’t clear it. You can try it in the last map of the game but you will not clear it without good gear & you can forgot about solo this without optimized gear.

Next hard content:
Weekly Boss
Greater Rift (Dimensional collapse)
Moringponia + Tantalizer (at the same time) Legend Raid

You have to reach the end game & make a stronk gear if you want to do hard content.

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-I would like to see how many random party with shout can clear easily legend moring ponia raid.

  • It’s normal things/common things world boss one shot with 456404 ppl in 1 map.
    -When you are geared it’s normal things to do content under time you do when you are ungeared, For example for my part i do misrus 5 min when i’m ungeared, now it’s 35-50 sec because i optimize my char. If you are for complaining go in another game. We are looking for crying people who improve game at least.
    This game is farming & optimisation. If you think it’s not enough hard in PVE/PVP find some another KR MMO who are not still the same things
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real challenge only exists after you get abit deep into the game. it is not too hard after you get into it, but it is more about understanding game mechanic than “suffering cancer” like before (spiral arrow lol) so i would say it is more interesting !!
and you might consider taking a look on new insta-kill mechanics that bosses have, and gimmick that you must do, they are interesting.

Hah, faced the first true difficulty wall at level 100+. Mage Tower and Main Chamber totally wrecked my face, had to party to be able to tackle them. Demon Prison District 2 ~ 5 is kinda hard, too. It IS challenging, you just take some time to get to that part
my website.

Some hard content: Rift Mode Stage 10