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Which english translation is the best for kOBT?

i found many versions from the english translation.
I use the current GitHub english translation for the kOBT but this is not the best one.
Why is the steam english translation files better than the github translation?
Is there another better translation on the internet?

The steam translation files are from the Github translation files, so I’m not sure what you mean when the current Github version is worse than the steam English translations. (if anything the current one will eventually patch into the Steam English translation).

Are you taking the current files from ?

If you are using it, then please let us know what sort of problems are in it? This is the official translation project for ToS so we’d like to make it the best version there is. :smile:

Also if you took this english pack: KTOS CBT3 English Translationpack by

Please note the date it was posted. July 30 is before icbt1. The translation project has moved much more since then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just so you know, the steam version is the github version ported into it. So there’s no better version out there currently than the one on the github. Also if you’re wondering why in the kobt it has lots of untranslated parts. Keep in mind the github files have yet to be updated and some NPCs and such cannot be edited due to those names being server side and we cannot touch them as of yet.

Hope this helps!

He probably means that ALL Orsha quests are still in Korean. It makes questing pretty hard.

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Sigh… Peoples here does not even know how to match the simbols…


See @TentuZero’s reply above, IMC hasn’t added most of the Korean Orsha quest lines onto Github for translation, hence we can’t translate them. They’re rather busy with handling kOBT (as it is just after handling iCBT2), I bet xD.

Finally, this doesn’t make the current version any worse than the Steam translation. xD

We understand that it’s probably hard for people to quest right now in kOBT. But the best we can do is wait until IMC finds time to get those Orsha lines up for translation.

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thank you for the information =)

Why some texts have a $ in the beginning? Quests, monsters names and others stuffs are with this problem and i didnt have this problem on the closed beta.

I presume that you took the lines from Github. :stuck_out_tongue:

The $ in front of many lines are just a convention that some contributors made in order to get an idea of how many lines have been covered (checked for accuracy/ make sure the line isn’t machine translated). IMC removed them for iCBT1 and iCBT2.

That being said, some lines might not have a $ and have been translated as well. (this just meant a contributor forgot or did not choose to place a $ in front of their contributed lines).

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