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Where's the 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder's Server : Exclusive Access. you are talking about?


We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.
Only 1 Team transfer per Steam account will be allowed regardless of the number of products purchased.

Isn’t that meant for F2P launch (Varena launch) ? Because it clearly says

[Transition to F2P and Additional Worlds]

And in your announcement regarding the launch of F2P / Varena you linked to that announcement.

So, the One-Time transfer we were promised isn’t going to happen?
I just want to be 100% certain that all of the work I had done was for naught.

It happened, but a long time ago.

No, bro. I disagree.

We will be offering 1-time Team transfers to those who purchased Founder’s Server : Exclusive Access.

The transfer that has happened was like you said a long time ago well before F2P launch. That announcement was clearly about another transfer after F2P launch.


May 3, 2016 - This is what They announced

Included in this announcement is this link:

This was the link regarding the server transfer.

Seems like IMC tricked and lied by linking an old announcement to ease the players regarding the exclusiveness of telsiai for 2 weeks while not being able to play with F2P friends on varena.


I agree. It appears that way. That’s why they don’t outright deny the transfer completely in the Varena launch announcement nor do they say firmly that they will do a transfer. They just link to another announcement.

So, it seems that this is intentional. IMC wanted players to infer - assume that there will be a transfer from TelsiaI to Varena while in fact they have no idea if they will actually do it.

Or maybe they changed their mind.

yeah i know what i’ve read back then , IMC tricked us im so disappointed. i cant play with my friends with my character in telsiai i worked really hard for it… played almost 352 hours for nothing


we all know what it -said-.
but they’re already having enough trouble with servers overloaded. they’re not going to open transfers to it and make the problem worse.

I believe it’s best to review what the STAFF or CM have posted in the past before making such a response. It’s quite clear what Julie or whoever said in the past the one-time transfer for Fedimian, Telsiai and Silute is not part of the founder’s transfer.

I am not transferring so it’s not affecting me, but it definitely puts IMC and the STAFF’s credit on check.


You’re talking about the transfer, and they did it along time ago, you’re just confused.

They were taking the requests in THAT moment, and then, after 3 weeks, the transfers, they even posted the rules for that.

Is this the rules you’re talking about ?

That is not transfer for F2P Transition.

According to the announcement “We will be taking requests from those who would like to make a Team transfer once new worlds open.”

New worlds mean Varena. There has been no transfer to Varena.
They haven’t taken any request since F2P - Varena launch.

Still no updates on team transfers?

The fact something as simple as server transfers is still not allowed months later is so ridiculous

There is a high chance that they won’t update anymore as they already gave their statement on this. They won’t allow transfers anymore as the promised transfer already happened a long time ago.

There has been no official announcement regarding the transfer. Only replies on forum and support tickets.

Tell me to shut up. Tell me whining on the forum doesn’t help. Tell me IMC can do whatever they want.

BUT don’t tell me : [quote=“go_hans_go, post:34, topic:286273”]
as the promised transfer already happened a long time ago

That’s not true. This announcement promised free transfer after F2P transition.

The transfer that ended, happened well before the F2P transition.

There has been no transfer since F2P transition (Varena’s launch).

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Maybe they’ll answer that hopefully on the weekly Q&A, but for now… good luck…

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