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Where will the new SA server be located at?

You can always give it a shot. Maybe try a VPN or something, because if it’s only a route problem, it could make a huge difference.

I still hope to see everyone there, I really don’t want a br-only server :slight_smile:

I wonder if like, orsha server will get pretty empty after SA transfer and the ping there for brazillians will actually be better. That would be rather ironic.

Why hasn’t IMC gave us the ip already?

sigh… we need info about the location of the SA server

Edit: Forget it, let’s wait for IMC :slight_smile:

I live 60km from Sao Paulo and was getting 306ms to Sao Paulo AWS Server O.O… Contacted my ISP about it, and they changed my route, so now I get 30ms, albeit every other route outside of Brasil takes longer now…

It seems AWS route in Sao Paulo is a bit ■■■■■■ up.

@Staff_Julie can you give us an IP to ping test in order for us to decide if we will transfer or not?


For those with bad ping to AWS in Sao Paulo, there are quite a few complaints:

It seems most brazilian ISPs have resolved theirs issues. However, Embratel specifically hasn’t, which means some international connections, as well as local routes which uses Embratel still have very high ping. As an example using Embratel route I had 300ms ping, and using Vivo I get 30ms.

@Staff_Julie it would be very nice if you guys could give us the IP to help us if we will transfer or not. For EU/SEA servers you guys gave the IP to the community. Also, could you guys tell us where the server will be alocated?
Ty in advance and keep the good job :smiley:

brazil is the biggest community :confused:

I use embratel. Don’t have any problems, 44ms from Porto Alegre.

edit: this was my previous message, edited.

Guys… this is an IP for another AWS server in Brazil. Please:

  • This is NOT the ToS server, thus may not reflect the ping we get there.
  • This server will block ping requests so you will get only a partial route. The ingame ping should be higher than this.

do “tracert” :stuck_out_tongue:

From Brazil:


Damn im getting like 26 ms, gonna love it if im going to play with that ping.

from Chile, La serena, with VTR i will do this again at 22.00 and edit this post cos at that hour the traffic is at his peak


From Perú (SA) :

Where are you pinging and why if nothing was said about the server being located here? Could you please point me to the official post?

Te mande PM /20chars

Silute region (Sao Paulo) IP: ‘’

Pìng SA server from Brazil: