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Where my PaperBox?

Where my PaperBox ?
Why you delet it ?
Area you think my PaperBox as Cardboard cube ?




RIP in pieces, paper boxes. This is a dark time…


i had dozens of them, everytime someone posted one a one million or less i would buy it.
now it’s all gone it seems.

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Sorry Saviors, the version update also contained the removing the items which not using anymore and to refund as silver. Seems the paper box was mistakenly fall down into the list as well.

every boxes will be recovered on coming next maintenance - since this requires Database work we need to shut down the server.

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i retrieved the money from my deleted paperbox… without knowing why i got silver in the market. what will happen if my paperbox got restored?

Mine gone too. Btw I’m curious about other items or recipes too. Some of my friends lost their recipes too.

The money is fine, you could keep that, the money is that the item that not being used anymore are now removed and for compensation, its NPC shop sold value returned. Therefore, you could keep that, and hold on for return of box.


I still have the 30 day box from very old GvG and the paperbox does not work when I try to use it.

Btw @STAFF_Yuri
This item for us permanent right ?
cuz u not delet it until now



Paper Box Recovery is completed, please check the Market Cabinet.
If you didn’t got one, please send us the ticket, since we have the list of personnel we accidentally deleted Boxes.

@Matsunaga I eh… hmmph… can’t say it’s not going to be deleted on future. - Since we’re giving out event items and tide up things out when the event is over.
But don’t think we’re going to delete that.

If so, we’re make sure going to announce via patch notes or any announcement.


ok i got it @STAFF_Yuri thanks for your help

@STAFF_Yuri For those who sent tickets, our Paperboxes will be sent during the next maintenance? I sent a ticket, got a generic response and no Paperbox :sad:

Thank you IMC, I got it back already

I haven’t gotten mine back yet. :cry:

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Still haven’t gotten mine back yet either. Just sent a ticket and hoping it’ll be sent to me D:

Haven’t got mine yet either I think, sent in a ticket too

I’ve sent in two tickets and this still hasn’t been resolved

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i received some of them back, but as i stated in my previous msg i brought almost all paper box i ever saw below 1million and i myself did not even know how many of them it was but since it have been years checking the market i’m pretty sure i had more than they gave me back since imc only gave 3-4 back, :frowning: so i’m sure that some of my own paperbox vanished with the update as well :(.
but is even hard for me to make a ticket since i do not know the right number, :(,another ninja patch from imc that ■■■■■■ me and a lot of others players who still put their time in game :(.
ps: since i know someone is gonna ask why i brought all of them>>> since i found it be a really nice gimmick and i knew that if the game really comes back to the spotlight( since everyone who still players the game should harbor this feeling of wishing for it to be super successful) this paperbox gimmick was really something that people would pay for,plus i have more than 15 chars, so having one on each would be easy to use too.

Sent ticket, didnt get mine back either. My hotbar is feeling empty, forever red icon :sad:

Since it seems like we’re not getting them back - does anyone know where to actually get them?