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Where do you guys find those gifs?


I feel like some of you can find gifs for everything! Just curious. I would like to respond somethings with gifs hehe~


too many people equals too many gifs XD

mostly people just save the link/image or google a gif they already know, i guess


Google on the image search, if you want to find a gif, just type the subject you want and “gif” (without quotes), after that is just a matter of search manually.


I guess if you’re really bad at google-fu you can always make one yourself using photoshop or GIMP or something along those lines. This one’s probably my favorite.

See Kida-tan




Well, i tried gyphy but is so bad. Just wondering if you used something else than google.


Try imgur. Found this on my first search:

But @Tomazelli is right, people save their most used reaction images. Dragged this form my desktop for example:


Sometimes I spend time doing some intensive googling.


Just search for something on google. Use keywords then type in gif at the end. Its not rocket science



Well, simplest way IS to use Google. The other, more troublesome way is making a .gif yourself, like Qualna said.

If you decide to stick with Google, just learn how to use keywords. Example, if you use the keywords ‘dead gif’, to represent youre dying from waiting something you like so much, like ToS… youll get results like:

You can also try to put a spin on it, using ‘dead anime gif’ as keywords, and then:

Just be creative about.

@Nirimetus my hands are fine, thank you. :cherry_blossom:

######*screams internally


I use specialty gif sites that update daily. Pretty easy to find the perfect gif for any situation that way.


Mhmmm… :candy:


Specialty sites huh?


I love looking at gifs


This is what i’m talking about. Which ones? :smiley:
Just curious.


Now the age old debate begins. Pronouncing it.



I say GIF as in Gift. You dont say jift or jirlfriend. Come at me jif pronouncers.


GIF Database :