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Where can I farm and what items should I farm for?

I am trying to accumulate a sum of 1b silver. I am aiming to buy Legendary Demon Lord Marnox Card and Legendary Lord Kugheri Card. Both will be used as a summon. One for Grimoire and Necronomicon. I don’t know where to farm though and what item to farm. I usually do DG300, Saalus Convent missions, and Challenge Mode with my 5 characters. Roughly I only gain around 1-2m. I am also still working on my main’s gear, which is a Sorc-Necro. I don’t have any plan on botting. I just want to know where to farm silver or items that aren’t that hard to obtain but sell easily.

Can anybody please give me advice on this? I don’t want to do RMT. Don’t want to be banned.

No idea how powerful your main is, but doing CM solo gives a lot of silver. If you do Saalus to sell the shards, be sure to set the cheapest price in market. Another good idea: farm HG for monster albums and once you have a good amount of them (10, 20…), shout for a card album party event with multiple parties (up to 5 for max rewards), in the end you could end up with 100 or more cards, which could contain one or multiple copies of high selling cards (Gorkas, Marnox, Nuale, Zaura…). I’d say do some Raid 330, but with r10 out now I guess Masinios recipes won’t sell for much anymore (they’re r9 items)…

I don’t think my main is strong enough to run CM solo. Also, my gears’ enhancement are only up to 5. I’m too afraid of enhancing them higher than that. I don’t want to break them. I’m not selling the shards I get bcoz I’m still awakening my weapon, then after that, the armors. I’ll try to farm card albums and then look for card album party. The thing is, I have no idea which cards sell good aside from those you’ve mentioned. Thanks for giving me ideas.