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When will this game be optimized to not play like absolute potato?


Just like title says, this game is out for so long yet it still plays like absolute garbo. My random laptop played this game with more fps than my actual gaming pc, for real IMC?

Playing with stutters on everything aside from solo play is not a good expierience whatsoever. Even when you asked players what to change you didn’t give optimization as option. It’s like you entirely gived up on this crap engine and just accepted the fact, that this game is dying and no one EVER will come back to it. I played this joke of a game since first closed beta and I’ve had enough of your bullshit IMC. This is sad to see game die before your eyes when you kept with it for so long.


Touché, it is indeed sad to play this nice game but with these problems. High end gaming rigs are abundant nowadays, and we continue to get issues playing a game like ToS whilst other more taxing games graphics-wise have no issues.


15 fps on 5 people challenge mod with gtx 1060 and ryzen 5 2600 is a joke. I had more fps on random crap laptop that wasnt even suitable for gaming. This game is a big NO for me now.

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GTX 1080ti or RTX 2080 and i7/i9 is the answer to your FPS problems. I’ve been doing GTW, CMs, WBs with steady 30-60 fps. The only content that dropped my FPS to 10-15 was Boruta’s first day, and that was a full stressed channel with all kind of skill spam and stuff going on, including channel crashes.

I know how you feel though, i couldn’t do literally sh*t on my old computer, not even world bosses. But the difference is huge now. Up to you.


I play with 100+ fps on my pc, but still we all do know the game has issues every now and then ie crashing. Unworthy for a game with only this graphic demand.


Nothing is answer to trash fps in this game, having similiar specs doesn’t guarantee me that it will work wonders and this game is not even worth that money.


I am the Alpha and Omega image

but mostly am below 20fps so am fine :prince:


Meanwhile I play TESO with high quality, on the NA server even though I live in Europe, without hiding any skill effects or anything, with 60+ FPS even in big scale PvP (and that’s from 12 players to giant fight scales of 50-100 people) with an old/outdated computer. Actually, I can play almost anything decently.
The only true “answer” to the FPS problems in TOS is them reworking their stupid engine.
Don’t speak as if the issue comes from OP and his computer - it doesn’t. The issue is their engine.


I would laugh hard if they even dared to say to get better pc for this crap graphics game. Its entirely their engine fault. I play pretty much every AAA title on very high/ultra 1080p with constant 60 fps. ToS use my gpu and cpu at 10-15%.

My old crap laptop had 30 fps in challenge mode. My gaming rig stationary pc drops to even 10 fps at challenge mode.


Well, optimizing this would’nt be easy and i dont think anyone left in imc is capable of doing that lelell
kinda the source of this unutilized lag is due to extensive use of “for each loops” i guess. You probably wan a very strong single core performance cpu rather than fancy cores or ray tracing graphics.

You can see that frames are high when there’s nothing around you. Even with many particle effects are going on. TBH, every mmorpg have this problem. people call it bad netcode. I just call it lazy ways to do things.


When the reach the final level cap and that they are done in making new classes,this game will die mock my words.

Not even new contents can save them.

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I messaged IMC about it and they basically entirely dodged the subject and closed the ticket… xD


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You need to read the first Popolion Post where they interviewed Kim and asked him about game optimization in the long term.

I’ll share a key comment :

" Right now, however, the client we use for TOS can’t be fixed by changing just one or things about it. It needs to be reworked from the bottom up, so the whole process is going to require a lot of work, and a lot of testing. "

  • Hak Kyu Kim, April 2018.

It’s been more than a year, but i hope they are working on it.


Idk if it started with the latest patches but now im getting some awful rubberbanding, with the jump skill from archer and even when walking while using buffs from BulletMarker @saalus waiting place… srsly wth ?
Also, sometimes when someone shows up in the map, i get some brutal frame drops for a couple of seconds :S