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When will targeting mounted classes be fixed?



I don’t even need to write anything here, because this issue exists since 2016.

Here’s the list of similar topics created in 2016:

This issue was fixed by player-made addon “The Bigger They Are” but it stopped working, probably because of smth YOU did.

Here’s another topic about said addon:

Ways to reproduce:

  1. Simple: Try attacking mounted class (Lancer/SR) with Behead in PvP. It will not even find a target to teleport to.

Only ONE question - are you going to fix a bug that exists since 2016? THREE YEARS have passed. THREE. YEARS.

Can you even see if the reason “The Bigger They Are” addon stopped working is on your side? If YOU can’t fix the problem, pls at least allow ppl to fix it for you.

@STAFF_Bob Guys, rly, you seem to care about PvP at least a little tiny bit with all the pvp-related balance and content updates lately, and that is a good thing, but BASIC CONTROLS of the game are still underdeveloped.

Will your “remake of game client on the side” ever going to finalize and maybe help with this? Because this is frustrating to the point of ragequit for any mouse-using pvp player.


@FiftyCaliber Any way to get your old addon to work? Can’t count on IMC to fix their game, sadly.


Oh boi… this desync feature happens with almost every body relocation skill or just a very fast movement thats why lancer/cata can abuse it all day long. The only solution vs desync position abusers atm is to have kino/cryo in your team.


I am not even talking about relocation issue (tho that is what made me invuln a few times too, I guess), I am talking about your char targeting PET under rider’s ass and skills not going off as intended as a result. There was an addon that made pets completely untargetable and it did fix the issue, but that addon stopped working.

@GM_Francis @STAFF_Bob


bump this // 20 char


How about removing auto-targeting and instead adding straight frontal execution for all attack types/skills that currently target automatically or require you to pick a target?

E.g. gun-/bow-/crossbow-/musket basic attacks just attack in a straight line in front of the character.

Just make all skills that don’t target the ground work like Smite, Rubric, etc. so you just have to position yourself right to land a hit.

Another option would be for targeted skills to use the Snipe-target mechanic, or a circle on the ground, for those skills that require you to select a certain target.

A good example would be e.g. Merkabah or Iron Maiden.

Also, more options for unhorsing a mounted character, please. We can’t rely only on Lancer to remove that overwhelming advantage, infantry Classes also need to be able to “unhorse” the enemy.


How about fixing a bug? Ty.

Also it was fixed by players with addon by simply making pets untargetable. If players can do it, devs shouldn’t have a problem too.


Unmounted lancer looks like a sobbing kid that lost his mom in the market. Wish some day we rly get more skills to do that.


I’m starting to get really fed up with mouse mode right now. Constantly failing CM because you cannot aim downwards or move due to the stupid progress bar in the way, unable to target screen wide bosses… This weekend I also found out after resuming Velcoffer runs that the middle boss was now untargetable because it was too high up in the air and there was no “pixel” to hook the mouse.

What can I say about the pet bug? It’s probably the same as my Sorcerer never being able to target anything because Marnox is covering half the screen and everything behind him becomes untargetable. Now I have a Pyro, and everytime I cast Fireball every mob left behind the ball also becomes untargetable. So it’s probably more than just targeting pet in PvP… I guess everything that’s put in front hides what’s in the back now, and the pet pushes the character in the back.

Please bring back the old mouse mode where you could target a circle below each mob. The new system is retarded and makes no sense.

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+20 char for all being said here


Wish to hear the compitent imc’s staff answer this year or we will have to wait another 3 years for the fix?

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