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When am I going to get an archstone IMC?

I spent 80m gambling, no archstone.

Only 80m and already complaining, heh.
Whatever the chances are, they’re low. Don’t expect to have that jackpot until you spend like 5 times that amount. There is a reason why they’re so costly, after all…

:joy::joy::joy::joy: only 80m and you complain :joy::joy::joy: gambling is a gambling. What are you expecting for?

Try for 1-3 more months

Meanwhile me sitting on my 4000 enhancement voucher. Pretend that i didnt have any…

every day 2-3 session of gambling around 80-100m per session for 2 months … maybe you’d get lucky …

Maybe next year bro. :stuck_out_tongue:

you guys gambling?

Yeah, goddess grace event Is pure gambling. I Guess It can be fine cause you’re using silver rather than cash shop items, and therefore you don’t violate the gatcha law

Try a few bil.

Or just stop gambling GG altogether because it’s a waste of silver even if you do get lucky.

wth i spent almost 1b and still got 2 so far
with your assumption im expecting to get 10 at least lol

630m… 1 frag.

One morning… 2m… 1 stone and 4 frag.

When u lucky, u r just lucky.

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Sometimes I spent up to 10 mil just to get bottom level crap. With the new shinies added I think they’ve lowered the chance to get each tier of items by a bunch. Before the factor rate was roughly 1/10 (so 1/10 chance to get tier 3, 1/100 for tier 2, 1/1000 for tier 1, meaning an average million/10m/100m for an item of that tier), it’s way less now. And remember it’s gambling, you can bet once and get an archstone if you’re lucky… or you can bet all your silver and never see one ever.

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