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This game is DEPRESSING

I spent close to 200m on goddess grace and I never got a single arch stone. It’s making me really depressed. I played most contents where archstone and fragments can drop, but didn’t get it. :frowning_face:

theres even worse case but nevertheless its luck
you can gamble 200$ and lost everything in 5min irl too

tbh less people do gambling now since new stuffs comin out and silver is worthy currency to buy new stuffs
leaving out minor whales, field boss killer, or some clueless unlucky newcomer who cant accept its gamble all along

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if you really wanna have a chance … gamble everyday for 2 rounds around 80-100m each everyday for a few months …

Expecting to win an archstone on 200m, when the item is priced at 500m on top of all the other item you gain from goddess grace is kinda expecting too much from a lottery.
Theres a reason archstones are that expensive.