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Whats the best PvE build? please help this noob

hi there , i wanted to start a new class i only played wizz3/ele2 atm but i wanna reroll to a archer.

so whats the best PvE build? i dont like PvP at all…

Some popular builds.
Bosser/single-target skill type: Arch2 Rang1 Scout1 Fletcher3
Single-target standard attacker: QS3 A2, or poison type QS3 Wugu2/3
Reiter AoE build: A2 Ranger3 Reiter
iDreamy all-purpose build: A2 Ranger1 Scout3 Rogue1
Old AoE ground type: A2 Sapp2 Wugu2/3 or A2 Sapp2 Wugu2 Cannon

as greyheim said, sapepr wugushi or scout 3 are good i wouldn’t make a fletcher, i have a fletcher and this class is only for world bossing and got no aoe (crossfire sux)
you might wanna go SR because its really really strong especially with rank 8 coming out

Fletcher Mergen!
Im holding on to this.

probably ellaganos are better, glass mole is better on SR builds who can abuse the 10 seconds well together with steady aim
or maybe fletchers for world bossing

b-but Mergen Burst!!! with glass mole. unfff

hehehe i don’t think mergen can use glass mole for its full potential better than ellaganos cards
someone need to test this

I’m thinking of Arrow Sprinkle 42s cooldown with mana pot 45 cd might be a nice burst.

wait why are we even talking about it in here? LOL i thought this is a different thread
sorry op :frowning:

xD sorry OP I thought it was the cards thread too lol.

My build.