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What's meta build for Musketeer atm?

What’s meta build for Musketeer atm?

Ide like to know as well

ranks2-5 are pretty free form, the only important rank before musket is falcon1.

Here are some examples:

A2 R1 Scout1 Rogue1
QS3 Scout1 or A2
R1 Sapper2 Rogue1
A2 Hunter2 Scout1
A2 R1 Wugu2

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I’m pretty new in the game, why falconer1 is a must have for musketeer?

I believe Musket2 has two abillities that will benefit from Falcon1’s Circling: Snipe and Covering Fire. It pretty much turns Snipe and Covering Fire into giant aoe nukes that can hit as many mobs that can fit in its aoe range.

Video demonstration of the mechanic:

So is that the mechanic or just make your aoe good?

What’s about A2>Qs3>Scout1>Musk2 ?

I’m actually 232 on this build looking for Musk2 on R8. A2>QS3>Sct>Musk is pretty fun at PvP despite low hp BUT you suck at grinding bc you don’t have AoE… i’m kinda stuck atm, it’s only good at pts with linker to lauch them skills

I’m 232 on A2>QS3>Fal>Musk
Without scout I just a target in pvp.
It not good like scout when fight with boss(lost dps flare shot) .
It can’t run fast like scout while travel.
and falcon pretty stupid. without circling it almost useless. (hovering is not that good)
Hang shot not useful like Camouflage.
and in this patch I still can’t use snipe with circling by myself (Hit box pretty small).I need to wait until patch R8 for use snipe with circling.
even i go with party my circling almost useless because other ppl can kill mob before i cast circling lol.

But yes I can nuke AOE every 35 sec (circling +covering fire + multishot). even it pretty hard to use = =. (It not that good like real AOE nuke class).

so just go A2>Qs3>Scout1>Musk2 ?

Scout is more towards for world boss/ pvp traveling builds or get out of jail card for that 1 rank.

Generally the meta builds goes for

Auto attack builds

A2/A3>QS3 > Musk 2.

Circling usage

A2 > X X X X X >falcon > muskeeter2

Pvp Scout is necessity.

Just go A1 QS3 Scout1 Falcon1 Musket2

Kneeling shot sucks

Mostly people take A2 is basically for swift steps not kneeling shot XD.

additional 25% critical rate will save you alot of cash/maximise crit rate to 100%.

Either way, depends on how much are you willing to fund/put in . Just build the way you want to. General rule of point is the Core Rank/Foundation is there it will be alright.

A2 is for min-maxing dps, which is hardly relevant for a musket build since other classes are going to out dps you anyways. Go for the added utility so you’re useful for any situation you’re in.

Isn’t it more for future proof since either way its Free crit rates in 1 rank.

Kinda agree with added utility but it will end up losing crit rate for it. since crit does grant u a 50% damage + additional critical damage stat.

It matters if you are killing the target 1-2 shots faster especially in tight situation or do you need the utility to escape? kinda also dependent on playstyle.

Imo we haven seen a full rotation of what musketeer can do so i personally think out dpsing is still a ? factor.

Will require more koreans to test with specific gear or at least " affordability gear" with 50% attribute / max out so on…

As compared to dragoons and fencer who have the higher edge this round.
Their Burst damage over time is indeed fearsome.

Still i don’t think Musketeer is in a bad position… given that snipe can hit max out 200k (mabbe more) and butt stroke giving 100% damage in that 10 second. 10 second = covering fire + pen shot + snipe + volley fire.

Certain individual already shown in video that butt stroke + covering fire can achieve 300-400k…

The more i look at it, it’s turning into a single target bursting machine and most skill are on relatively low cool down… 15-25 seconds. *fill in with running shot after 10 second rotation.


UPD. I’d say this one is best in terms being viable for PvP and also really effective for PvE.

The swift step crit rate is like a 10% increase in overall dps.

Scout1 makes or breaks your build for pvp, where dps is not nearly as important as utility.

Falcon1 more or less increases your aoe dps by like 5-10x, so clearly its way more powerful than a 10% increase in damage. It also amplifies your party members damage as well, so its a huge increase in aoe damage overall.

So the general point is you get A2 if you never intend to PvP. If you want to PvP go Scout1 Falcon1, A2 is not nearly as useful in pvp. It is a min-maxer’s rank for PvE content.

I’m personally going with R1-A2-Scout3-Musk2. More of a farmer character, and musk gives me single target DPS while split arrow covers my AOE needs.

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I think IMC will change butt stroke attribute soon because it too good.
If fight one on one (ex boss fight) All Misslie attack x2 dmg up all time because butt stroke cd only 8 sec but that attribute work 10 sec.

It’s total unbalance.

But maybe it will unchange because we need go to close range and become like swordman even we are archer lol.

It’s a risk and reward play so i highly doubt they will overnerf it