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What Wiz build is good? Came back after like a year

So ive been doing some Ragnarok RevoClassic and now really feeling to playing ToS again got an 390 Pyro/Ele/WL now which doesnt really play like it did quite some months back…

Then I could place an fireball and do an storm dust aoe combo now I shoot fireballs?? Cant even ignite my storm thing kinda confused also hard to find updated guides.

Hence why Im here whats the better/meta wizard build on the moment?
Got pretty good gear like all +9 primus irellis +8 wastrel rod so that should all stil be fine I think
For build mostly pve ofc but also really like to know what the popular PvP Wiz are running

theres a ton of viable builds atm.
you could of course still go pyro ele tao for an aoe mobile focused build for pve
theres also other builds like ele tao onmyo / necro sorc ff / pyro kino onmyo etc.

in terms of pvp wiz atm - you can go sage + kino/sm + omnyo as one of the builds with arts.

if you’re looking for a relatively cheap build, featherfoot-sorc-necro

Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex

Good for AOE + Damage: Pyromancer/Elementalist/Onmyoji

Good for AOE + CC + Damage (less than above 3): Psychokino/Cryomancer

Good for bossing: Any of the 3 AOE class/Warlock

Good for self: Runecaster (mdef debuff + Rune of Protection) /Taoist (Lightning Charm) /Featherfoot (survival)

Haven’t got the patch to try if it’s on par: All summoners

Not good for PVE: Shadowmancer/Chronomancer (pass nerf) /Alchemist/Sage

Featherfoot is also good for party/support (and good dmg).
Blood Curse leaves a debuff at the enemy, enabling your and your party (and probably non-party players too) to get healed when doing dmg.
That’s great in some situations.

Yeap, that slipped my mind. Featherfoot is one of the greatest additions to any build. Debuff + survival + levitation. The damage is less than other builds but then again having too many damage focused classes has diminishing returns as well since you can’t utilise all the damage skills.

I personally play Warlock - Featherfoot - Onmyoji as my main (I have other wizards that I play for fun) and that build has been great so far for bossing + cm

Hey guys thanks for all the replies so far ill be looking into a few of these builds as well.
Do see Pyro/Ele still being mentioned is it still a viable combo even without the fireball dust combo?
Or better yet do I even need to reroll my Pyro/Ele/WL? (I had to roll WL back when I was in a guild for mastema etc) Also what are the combos now? Obv Meteor+Flame Ground still works but what do you do with dust ? Just use on its own? And about fireball do Eles still max that out with these changes? Is Fireclaw worth 15/15ing? Sorry many questions but I only got 1 reset pot haha ;p

Kinda lost on my skill distributions… At one guide I read hail is good all the sudden while the other still says only get 1 if any … xD;;

  • pyro/ele is strong because Flame ground + Meteor + Meteor arts is an instant nuke button with 3 OH
  • if you add tao to the build, the previous nuke button also works on flying enemies thanks to Upper Level; and all your skills get boosted by tao charms (Lightning + Tri Disaster)
  • you still use Storm Dust as a standalone AoE damaging skill which has decent damage + low CD
  • Fireball is garbage, put your points elsewhere (Fire Claw for example which is great against bosses)
  • only 1 in Hail simply because you don’t have the points to put more
  • Warlock is better paired with Featherfoot because of the 50% extra damage from cursed
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Storm Dust without the Fireball combo still does a lot of damage by itself + it has short CD. Usually I would recommend Meteor (5/5) and Storm Dust (15/15), with at least 1 point into Hail. I’m not sure how good Elemental Essence is, in fact I barely used it. Rest of the points can be invested into Electrocute or Fire Claw. Fire Claw is great against bosses, while Electrocute is great against mobs + it has short CD which makes it spammable.

Ayt thanks for the clarifications guys ill prob stick with the pyro/ele for now can only change out one so warlocks out I tried the taoist but wasnt a big fan… maybe ima try omni again the movespeed was fun in that build. Are there more combos for pyro/ele besides tao/omi?

Swap out Warlock for Alchemist. Constant HP and SP, with the ability to make silver while you are offline as a shop.

and you can charge Alch Missle while running and fire it while jumping, its a half decent knockback for pushing mobs around.

That actually sounds pretty decent dont u lose out on alot of damage if you go that route tho? Ill be looking through alche skills now cheers

found it >_<

Yes you don’t use it because it’s pointless in 90% of the cases, and you also need to check on every mob if it’s gonna be useful against them. The only instance I would consider getting the skill is exactly for that build…

because a lot of things are dark element so Elemental Essence decreases the penalty vs dark (and boosts damage if you go vs Skiaclipse for example). However you can also use a legendary card that does the same (Mirtis).

You might lose some DPS, but I find that I always have skills ready to use in my Pyro/Ele rotation and you will save money on potions because your sprinkles are so much more powerful.

Here’s a template with some points left over for you to choose. I would go 15/15 For Alch Missile just because its a fun skill. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the build mate got some questions about it tho maybe some things changed I didnt know.
For myself I picked Fireclaw over Electrocute would u say Elec was a better choice over Fireclaw?

Also no prominence AND hell breath? Isnt specially Hellbreath a good damage dealer on bosses etc with stone curse>hellbreath?
And how good is enchant fire now? I always believed back then it wasnt all that great

But def thanks so far for all the info im getting my char together again :3

I’ve got to admit my Pyro spells MIGHT need rearranging since I made that build before the Fireball/SFR changes. That being said, Fireball is pretty beastly now, but I would probably switch it out for Hellbreath. I don’t like Prominence’s AoE pattern.

I LOVE electrocute in CM.

Prominence is super good with ARTS, it creates a ring of fire around you that DOES damage to antm mobs in the AOE.

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But you can only use 1 arts right? Wouldnt the meteor one be better then?
Im trying the Enchant lv15 build now with no fireball I absolutely did not like this new fireball at all…
Kept hell breath since its pretty beast at bursting damage while waiting for CDs (its my cd filler pretty much and works nice with stone curse) Trying the Alchemist with it as well gotta say thats pretty damn good lol the HP and specially the SP restore is fking bonkers XD I dont have any SP problems anymore

You can use multiple ARTS, not only 1 if I’m not wrong. I’ve seen videos of Pyromaners using Prominence and Fire Wall ARTS, with Meteor ARTS from Elementalist as well. Alchemist to me isn’t really a good PVE class. Sure it does feels good to have the HP/SP restore, but in the long game for end game PVE content I think Alchemist fall short. I would suggest having an Alchemist for yourself just for utility and making potions for yourself but as a main I think there are better choices.

Oh nice and they are in game right? Ima look up some guides on how to unlock those babies then!

Yea for end end game its prob not good but im always struggling with SP in dungeons and stuff and with 1 sprinkle I restore max SP which is pretty crazy tho and I can always reset classes later on when needed!

Having fun playing again Wiz is awesome

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