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What is your biggest regret in this game?

For me, not selling item X while the price still high and buying item Y while the price still high.

i could never have a chance to recieve practonium from mystery cube.


Well basically same for me.

I also sold skill gems for way too cheap (like 3M instead of 15M).

I also regret trying to upgrade anything beyond +11 because it’s a huge waste of resources…

And it feels like I missed the best phase of the game so I also regret that.


1st rank wbr in new server before merge, i think i can do but to lazy

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Going +21…

Multiple times…


All my chars have those ripped pieces of paper and the ores from quests but I can’t do anythign with them because it requires a recipe that isn’t available unless you create a new guild and scum forever at low guild level…

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I have many:

  1. Buying costumes that I used once or twice and then I couldn’t sell because nobody wanted them and they’re stuck in my storage;
  2. Not buying blessed gems/shards enough for events to trans my items;
  3. Not having a main char and keep spending a lot on every char I have (13) and ended up not being to do end game content because no one of my characters can carry because all of them have medium-low gears;
  4. Not buying tokens because I spend everything I have with items that I won’t need or use and keep spending money on non sense items and then regreting it everytime.
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actually playing this game.
wish Maplestory 2 was still a thing… too bad i moved here just because my guildmate from there wanted me to play it :confused:
this game was like a massive downgrade compared to MS2.

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you can avoid next regret by sellilng this one thing im going to spoiled the forecast

what is it?

yes. briknyte. during ds voucher cube sales briknyte price drop to like 300k ish klaipeda price and i succesfully stocked 120ish of them to craft 2 full sets of dps and healer set. unfortunately i was focus on raid,too lazy cm/ds and just stock the resets, time goes by, and boom now the price rise to 2,5m++. i sold it during 2m ish and succesfully get 600%+ profit lul
unfortunately, there will be chance that ds voucher will be back, and even worse, there will be event thats gonna spoonfeed savi dysnai, which means less briknyte needed for everyone, so better sell it fast
i got some other personal forecast but i think imma end with just this one cause the rest of forecast is unclear especially when imc intercept with its cubes


Selling vaivora trinket before it got buffed
Still my only vaivora drop to date.

buying vaivora instead of archstone when archstone price wasn’t astronomical high. To rub salt in the wound I drop that same vaivora 2 weeks later.

Buying $30 worth of tp to see what the Leticia cube thing was.

At that moment I realized that this game is a glorified Slot machine and how many hours I’ve wasted farming when someone could just spend $100s every day and get what would take centuries to achieve through grinding.
What sealed the deal for me was that I didn’t even get anything good from the cubes I bought and the rates aren’t listed anywhere, so even if I spent a normal amount like $15 a month like a normal mmorpg nothing would change.

Quit to play ff14 and only came to visit when I saw the MMObytes channel do a review and realized that the people that review this game don’t even make it past the tourist phase to actually see the real game; it’s like visiting a really bad 3rd world country and reviewing if you should move there for good without ever leaving your 5-star hotel.


funny how you cry over 30$ when there are those who pay hundreds or more and still get no laima wing in previous cube lol
in another scenario theres also this lucky douchebag who got laima wing in his first 10 roll
gamble is gamble, you win you happy, you dont man up

My biggest regret is i still play this game despite i lovehate it because there is not yet any better PC mmorpg with this isometric pov and anime-ish style
sometimes i turn up my ro private server, hunting card while afkpopo or farming cm as flagbot in tos, even though i can create in game item, because having a drop in ro give that awesome experience that i still cant experience in tos. even with archstone, or karaliene drop lol.
i felt this awesomeness long long ago when i got grandcross crossbow and thats way way before the game turn into some instance-style game

if only ro brand owner stop milking its brand in mobile and start making good successor in pc or a proper multiplatform like genshin by keeping its main identity (isometric,not fully 3d, 2d elements with depth, eye soothing palette etc etc) and ofc using their resources which obviously much better than imc which is just small company compare to them. too bad they are blinded by how profitable mobile microtransaction is.

spending 30$ isnt that bad, at that point you have paid your fair share back to the developers for any reasonable grinding you could have achieved and enjoyed as f2p.
I’m happy you at least had the IQ to see the game for its real business model: cater to the weebs that cling to classical jrpg power fantasies and milk their disposable time and income as hard as you can while maintaining/updating as little QoL as they care to allow before the big whales quit then shutdown - relaunch - repeat.

Also the people who spent to try to get the lamia wings are stupid, they could just RMT and get the wings guaranteed instead.

most of times riches look stupid, stupidly rich.
and majority just envy.
your money is your rights.
dont tell me what to do with my money, thats what they ll say.
and ppl like you will just keep on envy instead of supporting the game financially.

ye still sad, and salty about this. MS2 was way too good for it’s own right.

ToS meanwhile is like a downgrade that makes me more & more annoyed per update

Buying 18 character slots on a game that was supposed to be oriented towards diversity of classes and playstyles just to be gradually changed into a mono character experience due gear requirements to keep up with content.

Edit - Also buying the Banquet Hall lodge, back in CBT that was the way to get more character slots but they removed this bonus on live release yet forgot to add a standalone button to purchase more slots. The most underwhelming cosmetic of all time, not even recycled/reworked on any level when housing was added…


Same here bro, lets get together and get a big lawsuit going against IMC for false advertising

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wasting those varna box from last lottery event to make yet another leather set for my 4th dps char only to never use it. I should’ve grab cloth armor for the healer instead.