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What is block rate x1 and x2 on shield and how it's works?

Hi swordie mates. I have two shields one with block rate x1 and second with block rate x2 and I’m really frustrated trying to figure out what actually means this mystical x1 and x2.
So, does anyone know what exactly block rate is?

Still wondering
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Block rate is the chance you’ll passively block attacks.
Shields are required to even have a block rate stat for the most part (somebody correct me if I’m wrong, as I know daggers can block with Stone Skin and other buffs). Most shields have a block RATE of 1, which means that your block rate is = your block stat. Some shields (like Aias) have a block rate of 2, so that rate gets doubled.

According to the game:

function SCR_Get_BLK(self)

    local isShield = GetSumOfEquipItem(self, 'BlockRate');
    local byLevel = self.Lv;
    local blk = GetSumOfEquipItem(self, 'BLK');
    local stat = self.CON;
    local Peltasta5_abil = GetAbility(self, 'Peltasta5')

    if isShield > 1 then
        isShield = 1;

    local jobObj = GetJobObject(self);
    if jobObj.CtrlType == 'Warrior' then
        isShield = isShield * 2;

    local blkrate = 0;
    if self.BLKABLE == 1 then
        blkrate = byLevel * 0.5 + stat + blk + isShield * byLevel * 0.03;

    local value = math.floor(blkrate + self.BLK_BM)

    if Peltasta5_abil ~= nil and self.BLKABLE == 1 then
        value = math.floor(value + (value * (Peltasta5_abil.Level * 0.05)))

    if value < 0 then
        value = 0;

    if self.BLKABLE ~= 0 then
        return math.floor(value);

    return 0;

Anything higher than 1 block rate will be set back to 1. So the Aias shield that gives a block rate of 2, will default to 1 anyway. Seems like the mechanic is either broken or disabled.


Thank you guys.
Very helpfull data.