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What is an Ark slot?

Can someone point me to a thread explaining this new item slot “ark”? I’ve searched in the forums and no “ark” “ark slot” “ark system” tags shows up. There’s a youtube video but its all in Korean T.T … thanks in advance!

It’s a new slot/item comes with Episode 12 update but due to lack of patch notes
(thanks IMC who can’t even copy paste already translated text) it’s not mentioned on there.

You can receive 1 per character if you finish Episode 12 quest line (there was a story quest bugged which you can’t finish - I couldn’t confirm if it’s fixed or not).

Details can be found at KTEST Patch Notes 12/12/19 -> KToS General Thread v4.0

It’s fixed.

I got my ark a few moments ago without an issue after finishing the last quest in the lvl 441 map called Rinksmas Ruins. You can choose between a STR, DEX, INT and CON ark.

More info can be found here:

Thanks guys! I forgot to respond last night … I finished 2 ark quest for Int and Str … sadly, I noticed when upgrading the Int Ark to Level 3 and misread the M.Atk line would only proc when the Ark is Level 5 >.<;;;;; so expensive!!!

Now imagine you have multiple chars and you need to upgrade every Ark to level 5… :haha:

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