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What happened to diev-miko?

Diev-miko seem to gain huge amount of popularity since ep. 11. What happened? All I know is that owl statue got a new damage calculation. So I assume Miko got something that I did not understand?

Owl statue got super strong again. Miko’s cooldowns got lowered a lot and its clap is the single best buff to Diev since Ausrine makes owl cast 2x faster. Miko’s Kagura got easier to use with the super low CD (and new attributes to make it stronger support) and the class will, in the future, get another buff to clap making it work on other installments like Capella…

Also ausrine’s interaction with laima/zemyna got fixed and you can have perma duration of those buffs even without being inside the circles now.

Miko is still meh-ish, but not bad. Diev is a god at DPS/support hybrid which makes Miko de facto “good”.


Really… that single change in owl statue…

So is double punch super OP too? Considering how awful monk was and the only change was double punch.

No, it’s still not good, there are more Monk buffs coming though.

Where did you guys hear all those “there’s more buff coming for…”?

I don’t see anything from the announcements…

The 9 May update in KTOS is what I’m referring to:

You should regularly check the ktos info thread, all of the updates in ktest/ktos are posted/translated there.

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Most miko spell’s are very powerful:

Omikuji helps insanely your party since everyone can score critical strikes. It is further increased by Kagura Dance new attribute which reduces the critical resistance of nearby monsters.
Kagura dance also provides a +50% magical damage and 15% magic defense ignore, the latter also works on the Owl statues attacks.

You also have the best offensive and defensive dispel in game on a short cd with 2 OH.

With a “built around” group Sweeping becomes also a strong buff.

However, nearly all the buffs are channeling which makes them really clunky.

On the diev:

The “feature” correction on Ausrine was needed but makes the class really powerful and more or less independant of Miko.
With your own buffs you can reduce Owl statue cooldown to 12 seconds and with a maximum duration of 50 ish second. It is not as strong as Miko’s clap but you can manage to have a really high uptime without taking a class rank for a more oriented DPS class or for more support.

You should also take into account that you can now use enchant fire on your owl with a scroll. It further upgrades the DPS.

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Since Owls don’t receive the Kagura buff they cannot ignore 15% magic defense either, so they won’t get boosted at all by Kagura (other than higher crit chance due to lowered crit resist potentially)

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so is it good to take diev miko now?

Still strong combination.

super easy to stage 5 solo cm …

the owl needs to be nerf is not at all balanced when a class a single class without any investment literally lvl 15 0 atributes in owl garbage can clear a cm in record time, it s not healthy for the game, it just causes more ppl to abuse the class for afk farming ( yes this is the new bokor) that´s why so many ppl get angry when someone asks for nerfs on this unbalanced madness


Remember the statues, this includes all of them not just owl, have a hit limit of 50 and the only way at the moment to heal the statues hit count is to use priest’s mass heal. The Combo isn’t mobile at all cause of the LONG CD of each statue. Yes they shine in CM where you stand there and the mobs come to you but in any content that needs you to move a lot the owl statue just falls short. The other statues dont suffer so much from this issue as you can keep the buffs when you leave their AOE.

Another thing to note is that the owl statue’s damage scales off your spr which both miko and diev give a good amount of.

Its a very Niche thing as clap doesn’t affect a lot of anything.

Cleric has exo’s rubric, druid’s Chortasmata, Breaking wheel from Inq, and to some extent zibas from krivis are all on the list of skills that can allow you to clear a CM5 with little to no investment.

There are a lot of classes that have the same potential as cleric when it comes to CM.

Very well said!

I wonder what weapons do diev-miko use. 1-H mace, 2-H mace, or rod?

Check bernice rankings see if it s balance, cuz its not owl are not balanced at all 250k dmg every second is not balance mobile or inmobile, it is so broken that with a primus without enhan/trans ppl can solo cm 5 easy, ppl are already afking on HG with this garbage class

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while im also guilt of using miko and owl. i do agree that they need to be nerf. i can easily solo cm1 to 5 in 7 mins which is insane.

mobile or inmobile is not what should make owl this strong remember that diev is a GREEN class it should be focused on supporting role. Ausrine is good with the new changes. but owl is super op and need to be nerf.

So it’s okay for Taoist reach Stage 50- 52 on Bernice but it’s broken if Dievdirbys gets to the top. What’s the problem of Dievdirbys being a Tier 1 class for like, once.

Plus, if the problem is the CM farming, it comes with a voucher cost, which is not cheap anymore ( 9k-1M each CM voucher).

I’m actually okay with how Dievdirbys is performing at the moment, and i hope to see more classes get to tier1 level (Monk/Chaplain please).

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you dont main claric, so how can you know what it feels when a support build outdps your main dps build with full atributes easily


Other classes will have their buff eventually if you mean Monk/Chap or Sadhu. You still didn’t answer me that it’s okay for Taoists to solo Amiss Dog in 12 seconds but other classes can’t, even fully geared.

I can solo Stage 7 Outerwall 15 on my doppel, that’s something that not every build or players can do.
I’ve yet to see a Diev clearing stage 7 solo.

Edit: I understand your frustration that your class it not buffed enough, but that doesn’t justify nerfing Diev.

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