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What do you think about GTW tax system?


Taxation is theft
//20 billion silver taxed


How many is this? Wanting to know just for metrics here on Silute where we have only 1 guild dominating 2 major cities




Taxes from market were already ridiculous, nothing changed there, they just now don’t disappear, they help make large guilds richer now.

The taxes on items mostly don’t mean anything but as long as it’s not priced above 10% it’s not any worse than it was before, and again some of the money stays in the game.

The issue with taxes is in the fact that the 10% market tax exists at all. ■■■■ THAT ■■■■! You sell 10 blessed shards and you just sold 9 blessed shards and gave the other for free.

Paying to put an item up on the market is enough of a tax, this 10% loss ■■■■ needs to go away.

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Classic Rich become richer concept. Dunno why everyone is so surprised though.


1 thing I can say is that who ever holds klaip wins the game. Right now Klaipeda is the most popular city in the game where most of the people hang out so even if people win in GTW if you don’t get Klaipeda then the tax is nothing.

Mean while Orsha and Fedi are mostly ghost towns with nothing to do on them. That’s why I keep on saying to give these two maps the same expansion treatment they gave to Klaip. :roll_eyes:

Orsha for non-ranked non-prized PVP arena and Fedi would serve as a guild hub for the top 10 guilds of the server.


This week on Fedi: taxes at 9%, 8% and 5%. :prince:

IIRC this means you pay less for stuff you buy while the owning guild still gets a fair share.


I rightfully predicted that guilds will lower taxes to attract customers. Sure there are some who don’t bother, but I for my part do go for shopping where taxes are low.


Boruta and GTW aren’t bad but This game isn’t for me anymore.I’m pve player not politician.I regret I pay money to this game

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don’t use market then.


I don’t like the idea. They should find another reward for GVG which does not effect neutral/guildless players. Maybe some special buff/shop NPCs for guild members?

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Oh yeah. One of the basics concept of the game is that it can not be used due to the incompetence of the devs to put a decent GvG system that does not only benefit a single guild.

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Isn´t 80 guildmember a bit huge for such a small game?

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People will go to the town with the lower taxes. Klaipeda gets the newbies and the people that don’t care.

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