What do you think about GTW tax system?


That’s the interesting aspect - what will change when territory-holding-guilds reduce tax in comparison to other cities! Players might move to the cheaper cities, possibly creating more revenue for the holding guild than high tariffs at deserted cities. To me an interesting move that can create a lot of variation to which is the city to go.


The rich gets richer, nice system


Yes, and you’re paying your silver to people who call you “cannon fodder”. Nice.


I actually changed my mind. Yeah, if i don’t play PvP content, to who i pay a tax to is no concern of mine. However, i don’t think it is right to vote about a relevant system of the game based on such a half hearted feeling. GvG content should be rewarded in a way that it’s profitable for the winners, but not so overwhelming that it breaks the resource balance between dedicated guilds on a medium term.


everything crash and burns when you relates it with politics.

money breeds greed, and greed breeds evil.

this wont be the “LOG HORIZON” which you wish it could be.


The whole idea could be fine and stimulus in an alive game with 5-6 strong competitive guilds. But now we have the same situation on every iToS server - particular guilds hoarded 3/4 of the server into a zerg to dominate Boruta and GvG.

Though iToS community is mostly terrible, you can’t really blame people for rolling over and becoming a zerglings. Mass PvP in ToS is horrible and absolutely unfit for this game, so people just chose the shortest path to the rewards for this half-assed content. That do says a lot about the community and it’s morals, but hey, who cares.


Jeez man, I’ve played games with player-driven politics and mass hate, and they were AWESOME. Those weren’t even hardcore politics-driven games like EVE Online, those were Ragnarok Online and Royal Quest. Both are strongly about GvG, which results in strong politics. You clearly just have no idea how things work, go away.

And hey, speaking of LOG HORIZON - it is true that it presents a very very romantic view on MMO genre, but the thing is - games actually used to have politics kinda like this. Even WoW had those, before LFG, LFR and many other “quality of life” (cancer) mechanics.

I can frigging tell you an EPIC tale about a full scale Russia-Poland war in Age of Conan, but I doubt you’d understand.

MMOs are not about loot, level (skinner box) and all that BS. MMOs are about PLAYER INTERACTION, EXCLUSIVITY and the game being PLAYER-DRIVEN. Too bad modern devs forgot about this and have no frigging idea what they are doing.


And how anything you’ve said has anything to do with ToS? From the very beginning this game failed to provide any guild-oriented content for people to actually care about. Let alone be a driven stimulus for community and guilds to evolve and keep the game alive.

Oh, and please, keep you casual RO experience to yourself, will ya please. You make people who’ve played it for 15+ years professionally - GMed top regional guild and participated in RWC - cringe.


Well maybe because GvG is exactly that content? Boruta exactly that content? Taxation exactly that? Huh?


No it’s not. If you were not so salty you could realize why.
ToS cannot uphold such content for the obvious technical reasons - how you want the zerg 80 ppl guild be taken on (even if we assume that the rest of the server group up against this guild), if the game channel only allow you to have 100 people on it, duh?

Force taxation affects people who has no interest in GvG, therefore it’s stupid. Most of the players, who did not roll over and joined zerg guilds on respective servers, don’t give a damn about GvG in the game, that technically cannot implement it properly.

Get rid of illusions there can be serious player-driven policy, based on serious and interesting GvG in ToS. I had the same illusions for many years, playing since closed beta. But Re:Build finally and completely showed that it’s technically impossible. ToS technically and mechanically cannot be a full-fledge MMORPG, unfortunately. At best it can hold a bit longer as an action RPG, copying everything it can from Diablo 3 and PoE, that ToS has been doing for the last two years already.


The main problem with the tax system is for the poor newbie player that will have to pay 10% more for everything with silver he or she doesn’t have (supposing that guilds put 20% tax rate everywhere). And that money is going for half into the pockets of some players that didn’t participate in the GvG event or worse are part of the winning guild and don’t even play the game. This is even worse than AFK farming… It would have been so much nicer to keep the “tax” at 10% and transform the silver earned that way into guild points to upgrade the guild instead of going directly into players’ pockets.


It is pretty much the last straw to break this already broken game economy and GVG system


Yeah, and we’ve all seen how games focused around noob solo players fail year after year, because casuals come and go and WHY EVEN BOTHER if you can just have everything without putting in effort. It’s the guilds and alliances and whales that support those that drive games. It’s the good player interactions that drives games. And hate is just one of those interactions.

You know about Bartle’s Taxonomy? Pretty basic stuff. Players divide into achievers, killers, explorers and socializers. Guess what, ToS is bad at delivering to ALL of this audiences.

Games that are about supporting any frigging noob who wants to “just play casually” and “not interested in guild content”. Hello, modern WoW. How’s your battle for subscribers going? Bad, isn’t it? Too bad you’ve been focusing on pleasing NOOBS since Wrath. It is now painfully obvious to anyone with at least half a brain where that went.

You players really think that you do want this, but you really don’t, because you know nothing of how games work and what motivates players to play. If you get your “perfect game”, you would be the first to get bored and just leave it.

I would really be glad if ToS shifts it’s attention towards pleasing guilds, so that we have MORE GUILDS, for christ’s sake, isn’t it painfully obvious collectives in a frigging online game are a good thing?


Yes, in fact, for winning guilds it is fully legalized botting. And the bots are all the other players.


Taxation is theft. Period. I don’t care about GVG / GTW or whatever. I’m very close to quitting this stupid game again because of this tax. In Fedimian, Maid Cafe fXXXXts have monopolized all 3 cities and have imposed taxes (20% in Klaipeda, 10% in Orsha and Fedimian). I hate politics and getting politics into a game is a quick and easy way to kill your player base. And I got friends in Maid Cafe, but fXXX this, why do I have to pay more for stuff and get nothing in return, while also supporting a guild in becoming a de-facto government in the game? Guild members getting my money directly to help them improve their armor sets and become even stronger in the next guild wars that I don’t even want to participate in, so they get to impose even more taxes in the future? This will be a never-ending cycle, unless next government guild will get sabotaged (like have their networks get DDOSed or something).

I’m ok with winning guilds getting compensated for their wins, like for example, remove the tax in the market, or give the winning guild unlimited storage and unlimited space in the market to sell stuff. But giving them other player’s hard-earned money? Also, this monopolization of resources will just make players leave their guilds and just join the government guilds.

IMC, remove taxation ASAP. I can give you a lot of ideas on how to compensate winning guilds without punishing players who don’t want anything to do with killing other players and ideas on how to incentivize people to join guild wars. But for the love of Laima, stop pissing off your player base.

Participating and winning means you are making the rules. Participating and losing means you agree to be bound by the rules of the winners. But not participating somehow magically means that you agree to be bound by the rules of the winners, how is this logical? Not participating should mean not being affected by any of the outcomes of the battle, yet here we are discussing this XXXX.

And as @nfprivaron mentioned, ToS cannot host such events, as a guild with 80 players can just hoard a channel and outnumber any opposing guild 4:1 - how is this fair? Unless you intend to make it a dirty fighting game, which will only bring on even more dirty fighters and remove all the fan-base that made the game enjoyable to being with. And probably also involve other dirty fighting. But the way this game is right now, it is doomed to lose its player base and be left with only a few psychopaths and sociopaths who enjoy killing others and stealing from innocent 3rd parties and after all the 3rd parties leave and only the psychos and sociopaths are left, they will get bored eventually and leave the game as well, letting behind only a ghost town.


Government tax so they can run the country (supposed-ly).
Winning guild here tax so they can get richer. Doesn’t have to do anything in repayment. lol?


TBH that taxation system is pretty sh1t
Winning guild gets less Money on NPC taxes than they spend buying resources for gtw
Boruta earnings are 100 times better and thats considering it’s a 6+hours content vs 1h content.


As this video game was not the sufficiently ruined with the slovenliness of the company (too many errors from the Preorder) and the new boxes P2W, we are going to make it more interesting with a taxes system; let’s do that who have all the time of the world to play, or money in its defect for the micropayments, have more across the theft of other players who do not want to know anything about the unions or little he was interested in the system filth PVP.

My brother erased its Tree of Savior to the moment the pay boxes appeared to win, I still play sporadically (when I can, have little free time, also little money), but every day they give me more reasons to leave of definitive form this game that was promising to be a gold and it turned into dung. I go to set not to suggest anything because important anybody is going to read to me (I already have the experience from the Preorder), but there are other ways of doing an interesting massive RPG and I do not bother, how it is this.

PD: decisions in the Quest that they determine without return your personage, the awards or in the proper history of the missions, system of houses (Housing), prestige (social hierarchy), fighter for monsters and its domestication (not only like war partners), system of PK with its correspondent against of headhunters or “Wanted”, system of teacher and beginner, family system (adoption and marriage), system of local elections (global votings for sees who remains with the presidency or mayoralty of every town or city, not that decides everything for clans war), system to construct cities, villages or camps in empty maps, system of offices (to do as in other games, to leave the classes of manufacture and the others to part of used as main), system of commerce (related to the previous thing: cannot I mount a company of transports for car or of philters manufacture?), system of creation of Quest from the players (you put the reward and the target, automatically the one who accepts it and expires will obtain the reward that you deposited, and in its vice versa, the objects for that you asked in the same one), to remove the extreme unbalanced person of store and sale of objects in the auction, to do that the pets stop occupying personage’s Slot, etc. If the company wants more money, which the batteries put, do really agreeable cosmetics, arrange the problems that its game drags, make it entertaining and locate officially its game in every western space (not everything is English and not many people understand the Korean culture).

PD2: I am sorry that my message is somewhat strange on having read, but not everybody in Occident is English.


You’re forgetting that the Market also has a rate type. A percentage of all registration and sale of items will go to the guild that controls the territory.


I was amazed when I learned from another player how much the guild that was owning the cities was making in a week. Currently on our server (Fedimian), people leave their guilds to join the most populated ones. We see new guilds emerging. We even see long lasting solo players join the most populated guild to get their share. Unfortunetely… there’s still the limit cap on how many players guilds can have. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be long until there would be only 2 or 3 guilds left…